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When Mosses asked Who shall I say has sent me
This is the answer You gave to his plea:
ďI AM WHO I AM and that is WHO I AMĒ
Now how are we to decipher this epigram.
How are we to discern what this answer can be
When we have no visible clues to help us see.
Are we to pass this off as a mystery to behold
Or is this enlightenment to enrich our very soul.
Much muse in such short phrase
Yet anything of Godís is sure to amaze.
In His answer God left much to ponder
In our search He has left much to wonder.
In wondering what my eyes do see
Could I have found the answer that be.
For in His name I see: WHO; I AM, twice
Could this be a short cut to paradise.
ďWhatís in a nameĒ, if you ask me
Iíll tell you, ďETERNITYĒ, ďETERNITYĒ.


Holy Spirit I trust in You
You will transform gray skies to blue.
To put trust into something you cannot see
Brings you to the path where faith will be.
For faith and trust go hand in hand
They stem down from God to enlighten mortal man.
God does nothing without reason
He created each of us to blossom in our own season.
When we grow into the knowledge God has for us
We will be once again united into His trust.
And when He adds His grace from above
We will realize we were meant to share in His Love.
For when Godís Love does enter the heart
Never again will God and man be apart.


Almighty God did not create man for death
That is why He breathed in us His very own breath.
Anything of Godís is meant to be
For Godís realm is seen in Eternity.
God created for us an interesting paradigm
For we are to live in a kingdom that surpasses all time.
Yet to be here on Earth we know we must die
It would appear somewhere we were told a lie.
But is to die and death the same thing
Do they each posses the same sting?
No I say, one is of God, the other of man
This is a paradox we must come to understand.
To die is to cut off from or to be separated from
Sin has already allowed this act to become.
As long as man chooses to live in sin
No new life for him will ever begin.
Death is the way we must leave this Earth
Death leads us to damnation or to a new birth.
One or the other we must choose
Free will is something we will never lose.
If we choose God, then from sin we must release
Jesus Christ came here to offer us this exact peace.
Christ chose to die, so we could live
All of our sins He did forgive.
Now we can see how we fit into Godís plan
The sin is what is to die, not the man.
Free from sin the way we were created
Never again from God to be separated.


To speak in tongues is a mystery to me
A certain aspect of the Spirit I do not see.
To see here does not mean a vision to behold
It means trying to understand the workings of the soul.
God did instill each with a special grace
So that we can see but one aspect of His face.
If it is more of Him that we wish to see
We will have to share in order for that to be.
When you learn to freely give away what
God gives to you
You will embark on the path of understanding
of what is true.
It is in truth that God does exist
To find this path is no less than bliss.
God does not wish for Himself a stranger to be
He created each of us for His face to see.


The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
Are all present when we receive the Host.
For Godís present is in the Eucharist
The consecrated dwelling place where He does exist.
Through faith we do receive His Body and Blood
Into our souls His Spirit will flood.
When we are united with the Father and Son as One
We will be in observance of letting His will be done.
God did not create us to be separate from Him
He does nothing on the mere pretense of a whim.
His purpose for creating every living soul
Is for one day that His face we are to behold.
His Holy Spirit is here with us today
To teach us, to guide us, to show us the way.
Through His help and with His love
We will be united with God in Heaven up above.


Mary you are the Spiritual mother of us all
You so righteously responded to Our Fatherís call.
You keep coming here to Earth to show us the way
You repeatedly tell us to pray, pray, pray.
Being the loving Mother you are
You care for your children even when we drift afar.
How it must hurt your loving heart
When in this world we drift apart.
You bore us a Savior to take away sin
In His Love we are to let a new life begin.
Prayer is a method of opening the heart
It is a means of letting a whole new life start.
To transcend the matter of this Earth
We must share in Christís offer of a new birth.
When we direct our prayers to God above
We will come in communion with His Love.
And then when His love is received by us all
We too, will righteously respond to Our Fatherís call.


This world is the master of creating anxiety
It can produce fear, apprehension, and uncertainty.
In this world there are many things we cannot trust
Human nature is one of these things and it is a
big part of us.
When left in charge or given to much control
It can dwarf the very beauty of the soul.
Human nature was tainted a long time ago
In a garden where only Love was to grow.
We can blame the first man for creating such a mess
We can say he is the reason none of us are bless.
But that would be a part of human nature that is
all to true
To not see the culprit as being me and you.
The truth is human nature is at fault
Because it knows no way for sin to halt.
In creating human nature God did not leave us all alone
He sent His Son so our sins we could atone.
When Christ entered human nature He did set it free
He showed us the way God created it to be.
In human nature we now have a decision to make
Is it in Adamís or Christís world will we partake?
Will we consume the apple of sin
Or with Christ let a whole new life begin?
You must choose now before it is too late
And the right choice will open Heavenís gate.


We can no longer abscond with fig leafs on
Living our lives as if God is gone.
There is no way or means you can truly hide
For there is no place on Earth the love of God
does not abide.
We can hold steadfast in thinking we can
But you can never outsmart the Creator of man.
Our Lord is all patient and giving
He leaves it up to us the life we will be living.
Without the presents of God in oneís life
It will bring about all matters of hardship and strife.
When we own up to our own actions and confess
We will be released from our own weakness.
And when we approach God devoid of concealment
and disguise
We will see Him through enlightened eyes.
Once with God we do atone
We will no longer be left on our own.
Then instead of trying to hide from Godís sight
We will be drawn back into His Light.
From this point of view we will come to understand
That sin is the only divider of God and man.


How long will Christ have to pay for our disobedience
How long will He be offering us another chance?
God knew just what He had to do
To prove to us His Love is true.
In Himself He sent His son
To rescue us from the harm sin has done.
Does God have to do this deed everyday
How many times does Christ have to say:
His cross should be our reminder that this is true.
We must learn to forgive and forget
Christ has already paid our sin debt.
We must discern right from wrong
In obedience to Christ is where we belong.
In Christís Love we must come to concord
He is King respect Him as Lord.
And when we learn to freely obey
We will see that Christ is the way.


In a Divine trilogy shrouded in the most Holy Mystery
We find Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all One, yet Three.
A unique paradox of dimensions very hard to understand
Perhaps, because this was not designed for the minds
of man.
Human nature can only view things that are brought
to light
While the Maker of the light itself remains illusively out
of sight.
Manís intellect is not the tool designed to
interpret Spirit
It can only approach from outside while never
drawing near it.
Reason and thought are products of what man can do
But neither will bring you to the path of what is true.
You must not look outside to see that which you are
It is from the center of your being you can approach
this door.
Though presented to us as an abyssal mystery
It is the Holy Trinity that does posses the key.
God, Our Father, is the creator of the door
Christ, the Son will keep it open forevermore.
Paraclete, the Holy Spirit is the One with us today
To teach us, to guide us, to show us the way.
The way to the Father is through the Son
The Holy Spirit will show us how this is to be done.
When asked in Christís name we will come to see
That we are all a part of this Divine Mystery...


As children of God we have certain responsibly
That is to love and honor Our Father to the best
of our ability.
With God as Father we are heirs to His kingdom
This is offered to all His children not just some.
God does not exclude any soul from His gifts
We alone are the ones who can create such rifts.
It is sin that disqualifies us from our inheritance
That is the price we pay for our disobedience.
Reconciliation is the means by which we reclaim
what is due
It will restore the grace of God inside of you.
The repentance must come from an open heart
Never again to allow sin to keep us apart.
God will forgive us no matter what the deed
As long as we atone for it and in His word take heed.
God knows the weakness of the human race
That is why He sent His Son to take sins place.
This now becomes an offer we must choose
We can win with Christ, or stay with sin and lose.
Only one of the two are we allowed to select
For the other one we must totally reject.
When we now know the price of the decision we make
I trust it will be with God you choose to partake.
Once we learn it is sin we must transcend
The riches of Godís kingdom will never have to end.


Jesus I trust in You
You know the problems I go through.
When it is a decision I must make
I am never sure on what direction to take.
It is when I learn to step aside
I realize it is in You I must abide.
For You are the One who knows what to do
You will show me how all my problems to get through.
One problems I continue to repeat
Is not to know when to move my feet.
For I always seem to get in Your way
Even when I know the price I must pay.
As much problems as I have caused You in this world
You must see me a extreme churl.
The problem I find exceedingly hard
Is to get out of Your way, and trust in You, Lord.
The only thing I know for sure
Is that the Love You have will always endure.
If not for the patients You do posses for me
I would never be able to see Your face in Eternity.


My house here on Earth is humble and small
But in my heart there is room for all.
My house is where I live and rest
In my heart is where I try to do my very best.
My home is not here in Earth
For my heart has experienced a new birth.
I now live in Christ and from there reside
Thankful that he is always at my side.
What Christ gave me He can give to you
That is permanent residence in the land that is true.
God did give us this Earth for us to live
To share in it the way only He can give.
And while we partake of our Earthly plight
We should never lose God from our sight.
If we open up our hearts and homes to the Lord
His kingdom in Heaven will be our reward.
For when this Earthly life is done
We will return to face Godís Son.
Condemner or Savior He will be
The One who will determine where we spend Eternity.


As we approach the turn of the century
Apprehension and anxiety are a part of what may be.
With human nature there is no way to know
If life will present you with joy or throe.
In Godís nature there can only be certainty
Of what the outcome of the future will be.
For godís nature is not One that can be changed
Nothing He has done needs be rearranged.
It is man who must adopt to his way
Our human nature must be made to obey.
As time goes forth we will come to see
All mistakes were made by you and me.
For God is right and we are wrong
It is in service to Him we all belong.
And though the twenty-first century is at hand
God still has only one plan for man.
And that is to share in the world He created
Never from Him to be separated.


To have more love there is a little secret
And that is the more you give, the more you get.
If in this life you wish to become completely sate
Find the Love of God before it is to late.
For in Godís Love there is so much to give
He will keep us filled as long as we live.
But when it is other than Love we try to give away
The price is hell we will have to pay.
God offers us no more than that of which He is
And it is that Love which identifies us as being His.
When you give the Love of God that you do receive
You create more room in your heart to achieve.
And when this process is repeated over and over again
We will come to understand the Love God has for men.


Purgatory, not yet Heaven and not yet hell
A place for souls to rest a spell.
Purgatory, a place for souls to reflect and atone
To give allegiance to God alone.
Purgatory, a place to seek Godís mercy
A time to tell God how much you are sorry.
Purgatory, a time to make amends
A place to discover everyone as friends.
Purgatory, no matter if it is time or place
Itís where we go to prepare ourselves to see Godís face.
If we elect to receive Christís offer of a new birth
Purgatory could be right here on Earth.
For all the things in Purgatory we are meant to do
Stem forth from us living life anew.
If we only choose to live in Christís plan
There would be no need of Purgatory for man...


Only Godís works can endure into Eternity
For that is how He created them to be.
When the Master Builder set forth His Divine Plan
He had use for the minds and bodies of man.
We were already included in what He had in mind
For He knew we would be the best builders He
could find.
What God wants us humans to create
Us a world in which he too can partake.
If this is ever to be so
There are a couple of rules we should know.
Rule one is God is always right; man is mostly wrong
If He says do it His way: do it, itís best for us
to get along.
Rule two is if God says donít eat of this or that tree
Obey Him, it could only delay progress of where
we are to be.
If you have any questions or doubts of what is to be done
Always go back and refer to rule one.
If rule two is ever broken, never never run and hide
Seek God and assure Him it is in Him you wish to abide.
The biggest mistake a human can ever make
Is to give up on God and trust in a snake.


When we are of hunger we seek food
We will consume until the feeling is subdued.
When we are of thirst we seek water
We will quaff until the feeling is over.
When we find we are in need of substance of any kind
Nothing impedes the action of the mind.
We stop all we are doing to supply that need
Whatever that desire is we must feed.
We have learned to feed the body, but what of the soul
It to has quenchable needs we must seek as our goal.
To seek after Earthly treasures will never do
For none of these pleasures will ever satisfy you.
To fill the soulís need, to make it sate
Find the love of God, before it is to late.
Starvation is truly a horrible death
It will rob you of your very own breath.
What God offers is free to fill us all
We need only to respond to His call.
God did not create man to die of hunger or thirst
He sent His manna from Heaven for man to disperse.
He feeds the birds of the air with tender Love and care
It is in this manna we must learn to share.
For it is God who feeds every living thing
We are all nourished from the Love of His
Eternal Spring


By the grace of God man does exist
He created us all to share in His bliss.
In His image and likeness we each are made
We would understand this better if Adam had
only obeyed.
For the Earth we cohabit is nowhere near Paradise
It is the product of man taking a snakes advise.
We could say it is the devil or Adamís weakness
That created this worldís un-god-ly-ness.
But whether this is true or not, one cannot say
Wherever there is disobedience there is a price to pay.
For where there is sin, there is a fall from grace
Whoever is at fault is deprived of Godís face.
God did know man would stumble and fall
That is why He sent Christ as a crutch for us all.
If we lean on Him He will give us support
He will forgive all sins held captive in our hearts.
He will lift our eyes from this forsaken Earth
And restore us to our Heavenly birth.
God did create man to share in His bliss
For it is in Paradise He created us to exist.


Jesus is the Bread of life for the soul
His nourishing Spirit fills us with all we can hold.
Our capacity to contain His life giving Love
Depends on our understanding the offer He made
from above.
When He resurrected from the cross that man made
He promised His Comforter to whoever seeks His aid.
His promise still holds fast and true
The only condition is left up to you.
You must decide to seek out His Holy Spirit
Believe in Him and try to draw near It.
Before the works of the Spirit can be done
We must admonish ourselves to Godís only Son.
Even though it was in flesh and blood Christ did appear
It is to His Spirit we must learn to adhere.
When it is Jesus the Christ we truly emulate
We will bring our spirits to the point of being sate.
For Christ is the only nourishment that can fill a soul
Because Spirit is the only occupant of that
particular mold.


Our Lord and God is no stranger to pain
His death on the cross was most ignominious and inhumane.
He was unmercifully flogged and made to wear a crown of thorns
All the while suffering our rejections and scorns.
He was nailed to a cross fashioned by the hands of man
His death was the only thing we knew to demand.
Then a spear was thrust into His side
To assure no possibility of life could reside.
And yet, with His dying breath, the words that came through
Sin was the reason for this merciless death
It can rob us too of our very own breath.
Sin can make us do things that are hideously cold
It can take the life right out of your very soul.
We all do remind Christ of His suffering and pain
When it is with sin we choose to remain.
For Christ came here to take sin from us
To lead us back to Our Fatherís trust.
His cross is here to remind us of what He went through
To forgive our sins, so we can live life anew...


In a world clouded by the egoís sight
It is impossible to tell if it is day or night.
If you use your eyes to determine right from wrong
A black and white world is where you belong.
For the ego will take credit for things it cannot do
And has no regards for those which are true.
For when truth is use as a director of your sight
It will lead you to the path that knows only right.
When you come to see the Maker of your eyes
You will never have want for any more lies.
And in His truth you will come to solemnly obey
All the Words that Christ did come to say.
When this happens our sight will become imbued
Able to see Christ in the Light of a new attitude.


In Godís world we are united to one brotherhood
Each of us is the manifestation of Spirit for the
common good.
The common good is to present itself as Godís plan
When we cooperate with God, this we will come
to understand.
For when we become aware of the gifts God has given us
We will relinquish control and surrender to God
all our trust.
When we trust in God with our whole heart and soul
We will attune ourselves to the life He has foretold.
It is in Godís world where Paradise does exist
It is a place He created for us to share in His bliss.
When we learn of our gifts and then give them to others
We will be living in a world with Love for our brothers.
Love is Godís most important and empowering gift
It is the one to cause our spirits to uplift.
When we view ourselves as a family of One
Then we can say His will is being done...


Just as you trim old branches from a tree, new growth will appear
The same holds true of the soul, remove the things of death and new life will grow here.
Whatever is not connected to Christ Jesus has no life
in it to give
The appearance may seem real, but what fruits it yields will be short lived.
The things that can cause stagnation of the soul are many
Look around this world it will offer you plenty.
For when you seek after only Earthly reward
It will never be pleasing in the sight of the Lord.
Life is Eternal for Christ has told us so
We need to acquire nourishment for our spirits to grow.
Earthly pleasures are always short lived
They offer no lasting value to give.
To receive substance of the lasting kind
We must seek to bring Christís Light to our mind.
When we find His Enlightenment we will see
A world that is meant to lead us into Eternity.
And when we prune all that is not of God from our sight
We will mature to the world of His Eternal Light.


Why is everyone looking for God to send them
a sign to see
While His whole universe is exclaiming look
this is of Me.
God created for us this magnificent Earth
As a place for all mankind to celebrate its birth.
All this is a product of Godís Loving thoughts
It is presented to us to open up our hearts.
For Godís signs are present inside of me and you
We must learn to bring them into our view.
And when we stop looking and learn to see
We will realize that everything everywhere
is a gift from Thee.


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