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Fear is something that started long ago
In a garden where only love was to grow.
It was not God who presented it to us
It was created when man betrayed His trust.
Fear has nothing to call its own
It was waiting for man to find a home.
Fear needs a comfortable place to stay
It will not leave on its own, will not go away.
Fear the true coward it is
Must always remain hid.
Fear is something cunning and sly
Everything it tells you is a lie.
Fear feeds on itself, it can make itself grow
It stands in the front of Things it doesnít want
you to know.
Fear is a separation from God above
It gets in our way of receiving all His Love.
For when Godís presents is in sight
Fear disappears into His Light.
Turn towards Godís Love and you will see
That fearís only choice is to flee.


Free will is our gift to see
All the Love God is giving to you and me.
It is a gift most often misunderstood
Because no One can force us to do what we should.
We have laws and rules
But they canít stop us from acting as fools.
God in His full understanding of Love
Knows He canít force it on us from above.
For any Love that is forced on you
Could never be a lasting One that is true.
Love is a part of Godís nature
We learn this as we progress and mature.
From in Godís nature we should learn to live
It would open our hearts to unselfishly give.
When we freely give Love as a part of daily living
We enter into Godís nature, the part of Him
He is always giving.

28. HOPE

Hope is something that is important to us all
Hope came into existence after manís original fall.
For when God and man walked as One
There was no work for hope to be done.
With manís fall, he created space
He made this world a lonely place.
A world without God can be so cruel
No one could learn the golden rule.
So God in His infamous goodness and grace
Created hope to take His place.
With hope God can always be near
Without really being here.
With hope God can relieve all fear
Without really being here.
With hope God can wipe away every tear
Without really being here.
With hope God can let it be His voice we hear
Without really being here.
With hope God can call His children dear
Without really being here.
Hope is something we can all share
Until we are united again, back in Godís care.


Hatred of man or of any kind
Will produce illusions in the mind.
The mind is our vehicle to see
The world around us and how it will be.
Prejudice and hatred go hand in hand
Never could they be a part of a Divine Plan.
We will never realize what God has in store for us
Until we provide Him with all our trust.
We will find the right place to start
Is to trust God with all our heart.
For in Love we find no hatred at all
This is how we should respond to our Fatherís call.


God, Our Father, is forever giving
Through this process of living.
He is always providing us ways
To better improve our days.
He gave us this beautiful Earth
It is our inheritance from birth.
He gave us this beautiful land
For it is all a part of His Divine Plan.
In His nature we find our food to grow
It feeds the body and soul with all we need to know.
God has given us all we can
This is how much He truly loves man.


Freely You gave us Your only begotten Son
Jesus Christ knew His work to be done.
His work here on Earth was to teach us how to live
Through miracles and parables He taught us how to give.
He gave all honor and glory to Your holy name
This is how we are to live and do the same.


Oh God, Your Holy Spirit penetrates all
The material and Spiritual world must answer Your call.
God, Our Father, three persons in One
You graciously gave us your only begotten Son.
Christ came here to Earth to teach us Your graces
To rejuvenate our lives, to put smiles on our faces.
A God who has such Love for His creatures
Would only send the very finest of Teachers.
Christ lived and died and rose again
But He left behind One very good Friend.
It is the Holy Spirit who is here with us today
To teach us, to guide us, to show us the way.
The way to the Father is through the Son
His Holy Spirit will show us how this is to be done.


The atonement between God and man
Can only be accomplished through Christís plan.
It was God Himself who came here to Earth
To teach us of our new birth.
For Christ told us we must be born again
This is what our whole salvation will depend.
To be born again means to live life anew
To let Christís Love and teachings shine through.
He came here to take sin away from us
To insure us we have a Father we can trust.
My God I realize there is no wrong You can do
My sin is believing I am separate from You.
In Your goodness and Your grace
Restore me so I may look upon Your face.
Our Father, please hear my plea
My God, Iím sorry, forgive me.


The Word of God is more precious than gold
It holds the entire picture of a story about to unfold.
For life and death are all in His hand
It is all part of His Divine plan.
When God says something it can never be denied
He is the only One who has never lied.
His Love for his creatures is forever giving
We take It in through the process of living.
If lifeís lessons are to be understood
We must elect to do what God says we should.
To hear Godís Word we need only listen
To the still quiet voice most of us are missiní.
To know what God has planned for us
We must provide Him with all our trust.
In trusting God with your whole heart and soul
Will reveal to us the story untold.
He does this through the works of His Spirit
The One who if we ask will always reveal it.
For in His way He will bring us to
The place He has already provided for you.
When it is Godís will that we do
We can experience life anew.
Finally, and once again
We will be called His children.


Truth is something real you should seek and find
Once yours it will open and enlighten your mind.
Truth is something that should be a part of you
You should posses it in everything you do.
It is something you cannot hold or see
But it is something that can become a part of
how you will be.
The truth will mirror who you really are
That is a child of God who has drifted afar.
When truth is used as a vehicle to see
It will release human bondage and allow you to be free.
As children of God we are created beautiful in His sight
A truth to unfold that holds all measures of delight.
For God delights in all He has done
That is why He gave us His only begotten Son.
Jesus showed how much Our Father truly loves us
Surely we can abide in His Love and trust.


Holy children of Mine when will you see
All Love, all Holiness extends from Me.
I call you all Holy because you are
I do not look upon you from afar.
I am a Loving Father that you all need
Have faith in Me, observe My creed.
To enter into My living heart
You must choose only to do your part.
Free will is a gift I gave to all of you
Use it to experience life anew.
I sent my Son to take away sin
Have faith in Him, let a new life begin.
My Holy Spirit is with you today
Look to It and I will show you the way.
To see all the Love I have for you now
Trust in Me and I will show you how.


For God is in His Holy Spirit
Try to learn of It, you must draw near It.
For in It all hope is to be found.
You can call to It without making a sound.
For It is already with you, already near
You must open your heart and find It here.
For in your heart is all Goodness and Love
It is a gift of God He gave us from above.
He gave It to us one and to all
We must choose to respond to His call.
The loving Father that He is
Will answer us and call us His.


Jesus, I trust in You
Five words that will make life anew.
Before I had this trust in You
I was confused on just what was true.
For when I sort truth, I began a quest
A search for something that would stand the test.
In trying to find what truth really was
I had to find out what truth actually does.
Simply, what truth does is never to lie
Even if it means I must die.
Well I only know One person who is so trustee
That would give up His life for me.
To uphold truth to the very end
Would require One very good friend.
I found this Friend standing at my door
Christ said, ďTrust in MeĒ and look no more.
For once the door was opened to my heart
I found a whole new world about to start.
A world filled with Trust and Love
Coming down from God Almighty up above.
Coming down to mortal man
To show me His Divine Plan.
And all I had to do


Human and Divine are the natures that are mine
Thatís all there is, I have no other kind.
One will make everything a human mess
The Other will survive any Earthly test.
For One is of God the other of me
Even this a blind man could see.
To be blind is not just a matter of sight
It entails choosing wrong from right.
With choice it become a matter of will
For free will is a gift to be used with much skill.
To employ this gift the way I see fit
Will bring about more mistakes than Iíd care to admit.
For the skill involves nothing on my part
But to give God all the Love in my heart.
Love is the One thing God can understand
This is how He designed and made man.
To give and receive Love is all I have to do
To understand that Godís nature is a part of mine too.


From whence we come there is no night
We will journey back to see the Light.
The Light that beckons us on
Is unlike the one that we see at dawn.
It is Christís Light that appears in our head
It will be as if we are resurrected from the dead.
For when Christís Light is used to see
There before us a new path will be.
To walk with Christ is the only way to proceed
In His Love, Truth, and Word we must heed.
For Christ told us He is the way
So let Him lead, donít fall behind or stray.
Now the journey becomes a trip for Two
God is with you and He will know just what to do.
For when we let His will be done
He will welcome us home to be called His son.


Jesus, I trust in You
You will teach me what I must do.
You showed me the Love my Father has for me
For many years I was blind, I could not see.
Being consumed in a world of sin
I am besieged with hatred from within.
My whole world is being torn apart
I feel I have no Love in my heart.
At the very bottom of my abyss
You were waiting there for me with a kiss.
A kiss when you are immersed in despair
Will renew and cleanse the foulest of air.
All my atrocities, all my hate, You merely dismiss
The Love you have for me is no less than bliss.
You taught me what I should do.
To have Your forgiveness, I must pass it on
Until all the hate in this world is gone.


Is there a more effective way to pray
Are there some words more important to say.
Is it luck or merely a guess
As which way is the best.
When we search for answers that can help us
They must come from a source that we can trust.
Jesus taught us a particular way to pray
The ďOur FatherĒ was the words He used to say.
For Christ did teach us how to pray
It is Godís will we must obey.
When it is Godís will that we do
We will be able to move mountains too.
The only thing that can stop effective prayer
Is when Godís will is not there.
These are not just words I say
But they are an effective way to pray.


In a world where wrong is right
It is hard to fight the good fight.
To stand up straight and try to be strong
Will have people condemning you for being wrong.
There is a simple test to see
Whether it is of God or me.
If it is Godís will that you do
Less of me will be coming through.
When it is my thoughts that are in charge
It causes my ego to inflate and enlarge.
When this happens though I try my very best
Everything ends up an un-god-ly mess.
Before anything will change
It must be my thoughts I rearrange.
In seeing things from Godís point of view
Ends all doubt on just what I should do.


If we could control the powers of the mind we could see
The unfathomed beauty of the soul and how
God created it to be.
For in each of us there is a Divine Plan
Just waiting on our ability to understand.
God knows just what He has to do
To lead us back on the path thatís true.
He has given us all the help He can
This is how much He truly Loves man.
He gave us His only begotten Son
Jesus came here to show us the work to be done.
In His will we must always abide
To live with Christ always at our side.
For on the path we do stray
Christ is there to show us the way.
To understand the beauty inside of you
Let it be Godís will that you do.
He will lead us away from all that harms
Back to the safety of His loving arms.
From there it will be quite easy to see
All the beauty God has created for you and me.


For in this body we only temporally reside
Our true home is on the other side.
Here we are to learn to live and Love
To prepare us for our house above.
Many mansions God has provided for us
If only we learn to Love and trust.
When this body is all used up and done
We will return to God to see His Son.
We are accountable for all deeds that we do
So find faith in God before this life is through.
Faith will give us all we need to live
It will teach us how we are to forgive.
For it is through forgiveness which holds the key
To the mansion God built for you and for me.


For when Godís Light we let enter our heart
There are many things we must be willing with to depart.
All that is not of Him will have to go
This is a prerequisite for Godís Love to grow.
Once we realize the things we surrender are of no
value to us
Then letting go becomes a matter of how much of God
do we trust.
For God, our Creator, knows his children well
He has prepared a place in each of us for Himself
to dwell.
In Godís house there is no room for fear, hate, or sin
For if any of these are present, He will say I cannot
come in.
Remember, what you sow is what you reap
You must decide on what you value to keep.
Because God will never force His way inside
He must be asked in and shown a pure, clean place
to reside.


It is in Time we do now reside
What we do with our Time we each decide.
When Time is measured on an Earthly scale
Only hours, days, and years will prevail.
But when Time is viewed as a tool for us to use
We see before us anew path to choose.
In each existence there is work to be done
We must realize we are created to live as Godís Son.
For in God there is Unity we can learn from
In His truth and beauty we must entirely succumb.
For in giving into Godís will He will show us how
To understand there is no Time, only Now.
In Eternity there is no yesterdays or tomorrowís
Nothing that could ever create sorrows.
When we unite with God as One
Then we can say our Earthly work is done.


Do not think of putting your own religion aside
Until in it you fully understand and abide.
For no one can say this is not right for me
Unless all the acts and truths you do see.
All Christian religions that are based on Love
Have there instructions from Above.
God told us what we are to do
Have faith in My Son and live life anew.
Godís Holy Will by us is to be done
It is to be accomplished through the works of His Son.
If you allow Christ to become your teacher
He will show you that you are one of Godís creatures.
Being of God is important to know
For it is in His Love we are to grow.
God is Love and that is all there is
He made each of us to be called His.
In service to God is where true religion is to be found
United in Christ we must be bound.
In doing this Christ is here with us to stay
And will welcome us home on our judgment day.


Randomly bless people in The Name Of The Father
It will help bring this world back to His order.
For when you wish someone the very best
It turns out that you too will be the one bless.
For our Father sees everything that we do
And surely as you bless someone He will bless you too.
This is a good reason for lending someone else
a helping hand
Even if the principal you donít fully understand.
In our human nature we donít always think of others
But in Godís nature He sees us all as brothers.
The more of Godís nature we pass through
The easier His will we will be able to do.
In Godís nature we will be able to see
How much better off this whole world will be...


If we could view ourselves as a container of sorts
We would see we are made up of all kinds of thoughts.
We can think of ourselves, a neighbor, or a friend
Our thoughts can be a truly unique blend.
It is on our thinking that we create who we will be
And thatís accumulation of everything we
think, do, and see.
For you see whether you like it or not
The person you are is derived from every thought
that youíve got.
Our thoughts come to us in so many ways
All that we encounter as we live out our days.
Free will is an instrument that we can use
As a tool to help us decide on what we choose.
For no one can say you canít think this or that
Itís up to you to decide on where you are at.
If our thoughts just stay close at hand
We will be limited to think only as mortal man.
But when our thoughts in prayer do go
This will allow our Spiritual selves to grow.
To realize we are more than flesh and bones
Will give our thoughts an awareness of different tones.
For it is in our awareness is where God lives
From here He touches us, for all He has He gives.
The only part that we must choose to do
Is to think of God and live life anew.
For He will manifest in us a new way to see
When we allow Him to show us how He created us to be.



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