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Holy Spirit enlighten me with what you need to say
Fill my heart with the words I should daily pray.
I know you need a vessel to act through
Cleanse me so I may provide this for You.
I know for Your presents to be felt by all
We must respond when we hear Your call.
Though when You call we may pretend not to listen
We get so caught up in the things of this world
that glisten.
Selfishness, fear, and greed are things that scream
Make You inaudible as if a mere dream.
What an un-god-ly price we pay
To let the things of this world get in Your way.
The combined riches of what this world could net
Can never come close to paying manís sin debt.
Christ knew He would have to offer Himself as ransom
If the sins of this world were ever to be overcome.
And even in His death He did not leave us all alone
He sent his Holy Spirit to guide us back home.
That is Who it is I now do beseech
To show me the way Your hearts to reach.
For whence His Love does enter a heart
You will never want to spend another moment apart.


Before this Earthly life is spent
We must in Christís Name repent.
For there can be no Heavenly reward
If we do not praise Jesus Christ as Lord.
Christ told us He is the way
So in His Name we should daily pray.
And then when our time has come to an end
We will find Christ Jesus as our friend.


The Love of God will never cease
The more you learn of Him the more It will increase.
For Godís Love is a constant thing
It stems forth from His Eternal spring.
For us to partake of this never ending flow
It is Christ Jesus we must come to know.
God is Spirit and so are we
That is how He created us to be.
As Spiritual beings we must become aware
We must realize His Love is everywhere.
Just as a body requires water to drink
Our soul seeks out for the missing link.
When we seek Christ He will always be found
For it is in His Love we are all are bound.
It is the love of God that will never cease
It is to become the source of our Eternal peace.


My Lord and my God donít allow me to get in Your way
Please donít prevent me from hearing what You have
to say.
I humbly offer myself to Your side
May Your Holy Spirit always in me abide.
Through my own sins I prevent You from being near
It is my own weakness that stops You from being here.
I find no strength in myself alone
Until in Your will I seek to atone.
For the true power that I do posses
Is giving into Your will when put to the test.
This world will cause my stubbornness to increase
Nowhere will it offer me Your insurmountable peace.
When I get caught up in the daily process of living
I blind myself to the Love You are giving.
My senses become no use to me at all
They prevent me from seeing or hearing Your call.
Forbid me to speak when You have something to say
And in that way my words will never get in Your way.


When Christís Light does enter your heart
All that is not of Him will soon have to part.
For to have His Love remain with you
You must be willing to experience life anew.
It will be impossible to see things the same old way
For it is now Godís will you must solemnly obey.
The hardships, fears, and pains that you once knew
Must be released never again to be a part of you.
Christ will lend you all the help that you will need
Have faith in Him to show you how to proceed.
With one step at a time you are on your way
To experience the light of a brand new day.
Having Christ as your guide He will see you through
To the land He has already prepared for you.


Godís signs of peace are gentle and kind
It is the lamb and the dove He uses to call
Himself to mind.
When this world is ready for His kind of peace
All hatred and discord we must be ready to release.
God will not force his Love on any of us
He will win us over with His gentleness and trust.
God knows for a Love to be lasting and true
It could never be One forced upon you.
His Love is something we must freely choose to partake
It is a decision we alone will have to make.
And when the lamb and the lion can rest in the same


Prayer is an expression of faith to God above
It is our means of coming in communion with His love.
In talking to our Lord we should humbly say
Forgive us our sins and teach us to obey.
When prayers are not answered the way we see fit
Be sure to thank God for whatever it is we do get.
For Our Father who is all knowing and all wise
Would never send us anything that would lead
to our demise.
For prayer to be answered this must be true
That it is Godís will we are praying to do.
And when we learn to pray to do Godís will
All of our prayers He will faithfully fulfill.


In a single act of disobedience fear was created
Causing deceit, dishonesty, and disrespect all
to be mated.
For when one bad act is allowed to be
Many more will follow, thatís a certainty.
From the moment with God we are not connected
Our human nature will try to keep us misdirected.
We will fearfully try to hide from Godís sight
All the while convincing ourselves we are right.
The fear is illusionary this is true
Because Godís will is not to be separate from you.
The exact opposite of fear is to be strong
We should humbly omit to God we are wrong.
When our confession does come from the heart
All that is not of God will soon have to part.
Once in Godís will we do connect
Our faults will become quite easy to correct.
And when forgiveness is achieved through Godís mercy
Always in His sight is where we will want to be.


For on this Earth we are all Godís guest
Living here at our dear Lordís request.
With these bodies we are free to roam
Not knowing when God will call us back home.
In the time He has granted us to stay here
We are to live a life that will draw Him near.
It may be by tremendous joy or extreme sorrow
By either means it is God we are to come to know.
For when in our hearts we experience grand exaltation
We are to thank God for our extreme exuberation.
As when in our hearts we are immersed in
devastating woe
It is the mercy of God we should come to know.
For in this life there will be both joy and misery
Because both are designed to bring us to Godís
face to see.
If you want to be a gracious and benevolent guest
Praise God for whatever comes your way,
and you will be blest.


The loving Father that God is
Wants for all of us children to be called His.
God did create us as human beings
To be one day worthy of His face to be seeing.
For us to become this kind of pure
Many trials we must be willing to endure.
Trials and tribulations our way will be sent
To teach us humility and learn to repent.
Our Father will give us more than just one chance
For our souls to purify and enhance.
Our Lord and God is truly all wise
For His blessings are sometimes sent in forms
of disguise.
We may not see God from our hurting and pain
But nothing He sends is ever in vain.
The ways of Our Dear Lord are mysterious to us
Yet each is designed to win over our trust.
For if we can trust in Our Lord from this Earthly place
Then surly one day we will see Him face to face.


Our Lord and God is a jealous God this is true
As of all things of God this is for our benefit too.
God knows what all aspects of the power of Love can do
And any misdirected Love can be most catastrophic
for you.
Our Lord being all knowing and all wise
Could never fall captive to any of manís lies.
For when Love is not true there is no way to hide
That we are extending to much of our very own pride.
Godís Love is not akin to anything we can understand
Henceforth God is the Creator of man.
This is the starting point of where we should comprehend
The very extent of the Love God has for men.
God is the source of all the Love that could be
What God offers is Himself for all mankind to see.
To see this we must come to know the maker of our eyes
By eliminating all sin, confusion, and lies.
Sin can block our vision and keep God from our sight
Trapped down here entangled on a Earthly plight.
Once it is sin we learn to eliminate
Weíll have no use for foolish pride or hate.
And when we offer to God the Love that He is
He will recognize us all as being His.


We all need Godís help to look through our own eyes
For this world produces concealment and disguise.
When we donít seek Godís help from above
We will never be able to connect with his Love.
Sin is the one thing that can keep God from our sight
It can keep us lost here on this Earthly plight.
Sin is not anything we canít reject
It is merely something we need to correct.
The sins of our fathers can become ours too
If that is something you elect to do.
As for my father, myself, you and everyone
We have the power for evil deeds to shun.
Or we can turn our heads and look the other way
But that will never excuse you the price you must pay.
God does see every act that we do
And it is by His justice He will judge you.
For us to see ourselves as God does see
In your heart you must pray for His mercy.
Because only by the mercy that our Dear Lord
does posses
Can we expect to see clearly through this Earthly mess.


We are all creatures of habit when left on our own
We do things with rote repetition for thatís how
we are prone.
It would appear our head is in an impenetrable casque
For to change would seem the most monumental task.
When confronted with problems that are
exceedingly hard
We should learn humility and present them to the Lord.
Lift up your Spirits and donít be afraid
Because nothing is impossible when we seek Godís aid.
In ourselves we see things that are impossible to change
For the power to do this is out of our range.
Prayer is something we should learn how to do
This will bring us to the path where God is waiting
for you.
When we let Godís words penetrate our head
We lose all chances of ever being misled.
If we open our minds to receive Godís Light
He will teach us to do things that are always right.
Old habits are changed when new ones appear


It is most important to discover God as your friend
Whatís not important is the how, the why, or the when.
For God is always constant and ever so true
He is waiting in silence to hear just from you.
In silence we can approach Our Dear Lord
Through prayerful thoughts that seek out His reward.
For communion with God is why we were made
Not to be lonely creatures outside of His aid.
In order for true friendship to ensue
God has left everything up to you.
Our Lord is not changeable in any way
You can believe every word He came here to say.
We must truly seek out Our Lord with a humble heart
Be willing to have an honest friendship start.
It is in truth how friends are bound
And this also how Our Dear Lord is to be found.


Jesus, You died for Your people to live
All of our sins You did forgive.
Yet people find this hard to comprehend
That One as great as you could be their Friend.
In this world You are not easy to find
Because the human animal can be most unkind.
We human beings have two natures this is true
It is our Divine nature that stems forth from You.
Though this part of our nature is not always seen
Yet when coming from You it is most tontine.
Your death is shared evenly among every living soul
In this manner we will one day be made whole.
Our human nature cares not for what You did
It is the part of us that will keep You hid.
For when Your death is not incorporated into who we are
We will only be able to experience You from afar.
What Your death was meant to do
Was open manís heart to experience You.
When what You have to give is felt by all
It will correct manís Original fall.


For Christianity to remain faithful and whole
Christís story must forever be retold.
In His Birth by a humble and obedient Virgin
What He had to give mankind did begin.
His life was directed by doing Our Fatherís will
It was Godís Word He came to fulfill.
By His death on the cross He did set man free
Not to be bound by this world that we see.
Now thousands of years have passed and where are we
Still serving a world that has no respect for humanity.
Christians hear the message that is inside of you
Serve Me now, it is My will you are to do.
I did not subjugate Myself to the cross
To have all of My children end up loss.
If My death is not to be in vain
It is Our Fatherís will you are to obtain.


This may seem like an insurmountable task to you
But you are to serve God everywhere and in everything
you do.
God should become a part of your life long search
Not to be found the one day you do go to church.
For God should not exist just that one day a week
He is to become the souls desire that everyday we seek.
It is impossible to keep God from the work place
Because to some degree He is present in everyoneís face.
To the oneís who know Him well He appears as hope
and praise
That is the oneís whose hearts can never be brazed.
Yet in otherís He may appear as being scared and shy
These are the oneís who will let His Love pass them by.
While in some He may appear full of pain and hurt
These are the oneís who from His Love will divert.
Still in others He may appear as harsh and mean
These poor souls will refuse His presents to be seen.
He also appears in the oneís whose faith has been lost
These are the oneís we should gather no matter the cost.
The oneís who scurry about to busy to be a friend
God in Your Love they should learn to depend.
The oneís who rush around with to much to do
Are the oneís who have never taken time to
discover You.
And , Oh yes, the oneís who walk around shrouded
in fear
These poor children are in most need of having
You near.
When we serve You Lord all these things we can see
But when we share Your Love, no longer will they be...


How much easier it would be if Christ had not died
for our sins
If He had not shown us the way for a new life to begin.
We could do things helter-skelterly the way we see fit.
Never paying any heed to the sins we would commit.
For if we had no Savior to show us the way
It would be only a mortal conscious we need to obey.
This world does not recognize the work Christ came
to do
It will never reveal the fact that He laid down His life
for you.
Christ did show us life is Eternal
By descending this Earth for hellís infernal.
He offers every living soul the chance to be set free
To serve God, The Father, in Eternity.
As with any offer a choice must be made
And Heaven or hell is the price that will be paid.


The Christians who are in name only form a vast cartel
The fate of their souls only time will tell.
Christ did not give up His life for you
To be floundering on just what you should do.
Christ laid down a rock solid foundation
One to commit upon without reservations.
Will it take more than His crucifixion
For you to give Him your life without conviction.
There is no more God are man could do
Then to give up His life for one as lowly as you.
In the remaining time you have not yet spent
In Christ name you should learn to repent.


Between God and man there should be a tryst
On hollow ground for the purpose of discovering Christ.
A clandestine meeting of Hearts to Heart
One that will cause true friendship to start.
For God did give us Himself in His Son
He did this to teach us His will is to be done.
It must be a solemn union between God and man
One in solitude so that we may discover His plan.
God does not want to remain invisible from our sight
That is why He sent His Son to show us the Light.
It is in Christís Light we should learn to see
The Love God has for you and for me.
If we agree to accept God as our friend
It is from this world we must transcend.
With this transformation Paradise is found
Then in His Love and Truth we will always be bound.


Godís will is inside of every living soul
It is the catalyst that will bring us to His face to behold.
To do His will we must learn to listen
To the still quiet voice most are missiní.
We must understand that free will is Godís gift to us
When used properly it is to become our impetus.
When our free will is directed back to Its source
It will shepherd us back onto the proper course.
Our Dear Lord knows how easy it is for us to stray
That is why with our free will we should daily pray.
When it is Godís will we learn to cede
It will become His Word we will long to heed.
Doing Godís will is not supposed to be easy or hard
It is to become the fulfillment of our lifeís reward.


The power to change is a prayer away
When you learn the proper words to say.
For God to understand that our words are true
It can only be heart felt words that will do.
Our Lord does not want us as strangers to be
He did create us each for His face to see.
To accomplish this nearly impossible task
We must relinquish everyone of our Earthly mask.
God does see through every disguise that we wear
And the last mask removed must leave us entirely bare.
That is how we are to approach God in our nakedness
and shame
Humbly confessing to Him our sins that we are to blame.
From this point on there will be no more to confess
For it is a humble heart God will always bless.
With Godís blessings you will understand
something new
That the power to change has always abided in you.
It is only when you seek Godís help devoid of
human pride
Do you learn that from His sight you never need hide.


Just as the moon shines directly by light of the sun
We too are illuminated by the works Christ has done.
Jesus Christ is the bridge between God and man
He is the direct link we must come to understand.
This union is to be built on a rock solid foundation
By means of trust and Love without reservation.
A renewing of the Spirit, a warming of the heart
All show us Christís work has begun to start.
Christ did show us He is the way
He taught us it is Godís will we must obey.
To follow Him we must always live in truth
Have Love for one another and experience truth.
For Christ to become our guiding Light
We must never lose Him from our sight.


We are all responsible for sending Christ to the cross
By allowing sin to accumulate in us much dross.
What a heavy price Our Dear Lord was forced to pay
To cleanse us of the impurities we gather along the way.
How precious our souls must be to Our Lord
To subjugate Himself to crucifixion on our accord.
This is what a Loving God has done for us
To forgive our sins and gather us back to His trust.
Yet some are still unthankful and most unwise
For the name of God they do despise.
With no Love in your heart it is impossible to see
The mercy God has already extended for you and me.
If Christís death is not to be in vain
It is Godís will we must obtain.
Godís will is that we Love one another
Treat every living soul as a sister or brother.
When we learn to live as a family of One
Then Christ can say His work here is done.


Faith is a tool we must use than pass on
If not handled with this respect one day it will be gone.
To apply faith it must be incorporated into your life style
Not something for you to manipulate every once
in a while.
For faith to be of an everlasting value to you
It must come from a source that is reliable true.
Faith is a gift from Our Dear Lord up above
It is a true manifestation of His never ending Love.
The opportunity to have faith is available to all
You must simply respond to Our Fatherís call.
For God will call to us, yes He will call everyone
And give us the opportunity to let His will be done.
Faith is always a choice never something forced on you
It is by your free will you decide on what to do.
You can live on your own and dig an Earthly grave
Or with Faith resurrect to Christ and be saved.



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