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The lost must be shown the way to Love
For that will return them to Our Father up above.
God is Love, this they must see
For He alone has the Power to set them free.
To find your way you can never go it alone
It is with Christ you must come to atone.
For Christ savings Grace is found at the cross
He sacrificed His life to rescue the loss.
This is the very extent of what Love can do
See: I give up My life for you.
God Himself came here to take your hand
And lead you back to the Promise Land.
My Love for you I freely gave
So that you My dear one could be saved.
I know the pain you are going through
See: My hands, feet, and heart were pierced for you.
The way to Love is the way of the cross
It will forever stand as a beacon for the loss.
From this world you must learn to release
It is then you can have My offer of Peace.


When you hope for an angel to guide your way
Trust in God to send you for just what you do pray.
God has many special angels He can disperse at His will
For He has many prayer and promises He sees fit to fulfill.
But don't be surprised if that angel you find
Is a special friend trying to be most kind.
Angels are God's loyal creatures that serve Him in Heaven above
The same way a friend will render to you their unconditional Love.
Friends and angel have this one thing to share
They will both commit themselves to prove how much they care.
When you need help in finding your way when you are lost
A friend or and angel will provide this no matter the cost.
A friend or and angel will always observe God's creed
So trust in Our Lord to send exactly which one you need...


The devilís works stop at the cross
For beyond that no soul can be loss.
he takes his stance in front of our dear Lord
While offering you his kind of reward.
he can only give you Earthly treasures
While not telling you they are short lived pleasures.
he knows your fears and can use them against you
To do the exact things he wants you to do.
he will fill your head full of lies
So you wont hear how your heart cries.
he will blind the Truth from your sight
Keeping you trapped here on an Earthly plight.
he is superior in intelligence and oh so wise
But there is One thing he is known to despise.
And that is the Truth for It can set you free
To return to Our Lord on bended knee.
For you see he is always stopped by Love
His plan is interrupted by God up above.
his control, his reign of terror is through
When he sees the Power of what you can do.
For when you humbly seek forgiveness from your sin
Our Lord will welcome you Home, and a new life will begin.
A life that is sheltered from all that harms
Tenderly, mercifully, Lovingly wrapped in Christís arms.
The devil will have to look for someone new
As you are now with Christ living a life that is true.


I knew you were lonely and one of the lost
I could see you needed rescuing regardless the cost.
I cast down my honor and my pride
To see if Christ's Love to you I could provide.
When it is more of Thee and less of me
My hope is it would be His face you would see.
For in returning the lost to the fold
Is the heart's desire of my very soul.
You asked what is it I expect from you
Only that you answer to what is true.
For in Truth all lost one's will find there way
And this is the Truth of which I do pray.
In being lost you are separated from God above
Not able to come in full contact with His Love.
His Children that are calling you home
Know the price for those that do roam.
And Oh what an un-god-ly price it is to pay
To not be connected to Christ JESUS today.
In being apart from Christ you will never know
Just how much He hurts and Loves you so.
A banquet will be prepared on your return
And forgiveness is the only lesson you need learn.
When true forgiveness is realized in your heart
All that is not of Christ will soon depart.
And from here you will understand something new
Just how much we Love and care for you...


To see through this world you must develop new sight
Not to be believe in your own power and might.
For our eyes will deceive us of what we do see
Not allowing us to know how God created us to be.
Sin is the origination of all these lies
It can distort the view before your very eyes.
For sin will take the place of Our dear Lord
Not allowing us to recognize His Love as our reward.
To see clearly we must seek the maker of our eyes
And understand He is the One who speaks no lies.
When we humbly repent before Our Dear Lord
His power His strength becomes our reward.
In His ĎWordí is the Power to come clean
And for the sin of all lies to be seen.
Once our eyes recognize the Love God has for us
Never again will we want to be outside of His trust.
There is one important thing that you must do
That is to place the ĎWordí of God in front of you.
And then from this particular point of view
You will see the Beauty that is inside of you.


Christ came here to open a path to God up above
His purpose was to unite us back into His Love.
The path is laden with Love and pains
It is to be followed until only Love remains.
The path is not easy, only worth the trip
Caution is required as it is so easy to slip.
We will fall many times along the way
Until we learn it is Christís rules we must obey.
Christ teachingís will become our stepping stone
Following in His foot steps and we will learn to atone.
Pride will slow you down and impede your progress
As too an unforgiving heart will cause you to regress.
But humility and forgiveness will allow you to reach higher ground
They will make sure your footing is sound.
Christ has showed us the way back home
So follow Him close and do not roam.
When we come to see The Cross along the path we do trod
Rest assured this is The Way that will lead you back to God.


It is in Jesusí name we must pray
To give the very words Power that we say.
For Godís will to be done
We must admonish ourselves to His only Son.
When Jesus Christ left this world to be by Our Fatherís side
He left His Comforter, the Holy Spirit, here for in us to abide.
To reach the Power inside of us
We must give God all our Trust.
Then in Trusting in God with our whole Heart and Soul
We regain the Power of what it was that had held control.
And when once free from sin the way we were created
Our whole Body, Mind and Soul with God will be re-mated.
Reconnected once more to Loveís Eternal Source
We will again be directed on the right course.
Born again with a Spirit that is Free
Willing to serve God Now and throughout Eternity.


Nothing in this world belongs to you or me
For everything is a gift from Our Father you see.
We have use of many things He has spread across this land
For that is all a part of our Dear Lordís plan.
The seas too or not for us to keep and occupy
They are placed there to give us food and other needs to supply.
Our soul alone is what is ours to keep
For what you sow is also what you will reap.
God created the Beauty of this magnificent Earth
As a place for all of mankind to celebrate its birth.
He freely gave what is in His heart to give
So that we all could have but one life to live.
He wants for us to partake of His creation plan
That is why He made this world for man.
God gave us each a soul to fill and occupy
To be returned to Him the moment we die.
He will seek to see Himself in what we bring Him to show
For God is Love and this He does know.
The soul was spotless and pure as it could be
For everything Our Lord makes is for Himself to see.
So if you have gathered something that does not belong to you
Discard it now before you bring it Home for God to view.
Love is the only thing happy in Godís sight
For He created us to share in His delight.


God not only created everything that your eyes can see
He also created each and everything that could possibly be.
For you see God has created ALL
Both incredibly large and both incredibly small.
God is Love and Love is a Creator of the heart
It is with Love God created everything as a work of Art.
To see the Beauty of which God created you to be
It is Him, your Creator, you must reflect upon and see.
With just a glimpse of seeing what God can do
Will bring to your eyes a completely new view.
You will see this Beauty throughout this whole land
And then come to see His crowning jewel as ĎManí.
Yes, we are the most Beautiful physical creation God has made
We too, could see this if only Adam had obeyed.
Godís Beauty does stem from His Heart
That is why He sent Christ to give us a new start.
Christís sacrifice returns our Beauty to see
Trust in Him as that is how it must be.
To be born again into the Beauty God created you


Angel besides me I need nor fear
Your message to me is becoming ever so clear.
My Lord knew I would need protection as I walked
this Earth
By His wisdom He has ordained you my Guardian
from birth.
A life long companion to accompany me along every day
You were there with me as I learned how to play.
We were there as lull-a-bye changed to song
You patiently waited for me to learn right from wrong.
As my choices grew harder in this life to make
You silently encouraged me on what direction to take.
Now that I have grown closer to Our Lord it is easy
to see
How very precious this gift God has bestowed upon me.
My Spirit has grown from the encouragement you gave
I know not to have fear of what is beyond the grave.
For Jesus my Savior has promised me one thing
That Love for Him Eternity will bring.
And that is where I will come to see my Angel so clear
The one who walked with me every step while I
was here.


As we walk this Earth we are never alone
We have Angels watching over us from birth till we are
full grown.
Angels are our friends that travel wherever we go
They will try to instill into us what they do know.
that is there job to watch over us from above
They take great joy when we grow into Godís Love.
They know Our lord much better than we
For it is His face they are allowed to see.
Free will is a gift we both do share
Our Lord has bestowed this to our care.
With the outcome ultimately being Heaven or hell
We should take advise from Ones who know God well.
So trust your Angels to guide you right
For they lead you back into Godís sight.


As a Christian the Truth is what I will say
It is in this same manner how I do pray.
Christís Love has entered my heart
Allowing a bright new world to start.
His Light is now what shows me the way
To keep me on the path from which I did stray.
Christ has brought new freedom to me
His Truth is what has set me free.
In His Truth there is Power and Authority over this worldís lies
What He has said has set the Truth before my very eyes.
From this world my eyes have now parted
No longer counted among the broken hearted.
With His Love I can now see straight
I have forgiven myself, released all my hate.
As a Christian I must now offer this to you
So that you too may come to learn that which is true.
With Love in my heart please hear my plea
Except Jesus Christ as Lord and you will be free.
These are not merely words that I say
It is the Truth that I daily pray...


For evil to run its course it must drag you down
Make you believe there is no help to be found.
It will keep you trapped in this earthly grave
And give you no clue as how your soul to save.
Evil will require friends from its same source
For they will keep you company as you are thrown off course.
Your self esteem and happiness will be loss
The devil will now become your boss.
Your feelings will numb your heart will grow cold
As evil will occupy and fill your soul.
For everyone who does evil does hate the Light
For there is no middle ground only wrong or Right.
One or the other you must choose
As Salvation is for you to win or lose.
If you choose Christ you must make Him King
Love and Honor Him above everything.
The devil and his cohorts have but one fear
And that is if you humble your heart and draw Christ near.
For from His Light they must always hide and run
As they have no authority over Godís only Son.
If you are to gain that what was once lost
You must humble your heart at the foot of the Cross.
Here you will regain the Power you once knew
To Love and Serve a God who Loves you too.


Direct my path, oh Lord, every step of the way
So that it is Your will I come to obey.
It is so easy for me to stumble and fall
It is as if I have no will power at all.
By Your Grace Free Will is a gift You gave
I am to use it for my soul to save.
But I am so weak, this world is so strong
At every turn I am encouraged to do wrong.
Teach me of how evil I am to over come
Allow me of Your Child to become.
Holy Spirit I seek Your Power, Your Will, Your Grace
Heal me, Restore me, Renew me so I see only Your Face.
Thank You Father for now I do see
Of what I am to do with this Gift You gave to me.
Father, I offer my Free Will up to You to Bless
Return It to me so I will know of Your Happiness.
Father, Your Gifts are of Spirit, and so am I
And now because of Christ, I will never die.
Father, I now offer You my Free Will to always command
As this is but a part of the Blessings You have bestowed upon man.


Darkness and sin are alike in this same way
To encounter either means you have gone astray.
It is by the Light of Christ we must learn to see
The True path presented before you and me.
Christ said, ďI am the Truth, the Way and the LightĒ
It is by way of the truth do we know which path is right.
Sin is the result of when man did not seek His Lord
The darkness that follows will be his only reward.
To escape this plight and learn anew how to see
Humble yourself before the One who came to set you free.
Christís works were to bring Light to the loss
This Light stems from the foot of His cross.
For there you will learn what God Himself went through
By offering His only Begotten Son as atonement for you.
In excepting this offer that God Himself has made
It will restore man to the perfection before he disobeyed.
We must be born again in Spirit for this to become true
And it is by the Cross this offer is extended to you.


When Faith is lost this world becomes a scary place
Nowhere can you find the safety of Godís grace.
Faith is more than just words and trust
Faith is an intricate part of us.
It is our connection that makes Our Lord real
It is the part of what the heart and soul feels.
Many things can draw your Faith away
If from Our Dear Lord you do stray.
Our Earthly eyes get lost in the haze
That sin has formed to keep us in the maze.
Donít let this world take what it cannot claim
For to steal your Faith is sinís only glory to fame.
Our Lord has created Hope for the Ďlostí
But they must bring themselves to the foot of His Cross.
When tear stained eyes can no longer see
The Spirit will be released to be set free.
The Spirit is of God and not this Earth
It must be released to experience a new birth.
In being Born Again Faith is renewed
Enabling you to view life with a new attitude.
For you to be complete and remade whole
Faith must be found abiding in your Soul.
So if you want to live a life that is completely new
By the Grace of God have your Faith returned to you.


A part of you hurts when someone you Love is lost
When they donít know the true meaning of The Cross.
God knew that temptation would lead you astray
That is why He sent Christ to show you the way.
Christ was tempted and He yielded not
To show you the Power He has got.
He was rejected, beaten and spat upon
Nailed to a Cross till all life was gone.
Where is His Power I hear you say?
It is when He resurrected on that third day.
He joined Our Father at His right hand
To oversee and protect the lives of mortal man.
To insure us He did not leave us here all alone
He sent His Holy Spirit to direct us back Home.
He is the Comforter in the world of the lost
He will bring you back safely to The Cross.
For Jesus is Godís offer to the lost and alone
Through Him atone for your sins and come back Home.
This is the message Christ came here to say:
Return to Me, all is forgiven, give thanks, and pray.


Christís life was set about doing Our Fatherís will
His ĎWordí is what Christ came here to fulfill.
His agony in the Garden was but a planted seed
One that will blossom in our hearts if in His Word we take heed.
He suffered and died a death that was meant for you and me
He did this all willingly to insure that one day Godís face we would see.
A Loving Father has sent His only begotten Son
To teach us our work that is here to be done.
Christ is the example we should set as we go our way
Learn as He taught, ďThe Our Father to PrayĒ.
So when we as Christ learn to do Our Fatherís will
All of His promises He will lovingly fulfill.
Christís Love is our shining example to see
The extent of the Love Our Father has for you and me...


When Love is besieged by doubt and fear
You must remember Christ is always near.
For when two or more are gathered His presentís weíll see
To direct us and guide us to what must be.
For there is no turmoil He can not quell
He even descended to the demons of hell.
So with faith in our Lord to direct our way
May this be something you learn to say:
I trust in You Lord Jesus to quiet the storm
To return me to where the waterís are calm.
I petition You now to steer me clear
So I will know where Iíll be in the coming year.
If all else fails me Iíll have this guarantee
That You will always remain near to me...


To except Christís offer you must be willing to freely give
Pick up your cross and adapt a Christian life to live.
For Christ has found you all covered in sin
And it is by the power of His shed blood a new life will begin.
Born again as an infant unto His fold
Peace and Love is what you will behold.
Take small steps and learn as you go
For Christ will teach you all you need to know.
To keep His gifts they must be given away
That is the only way to assure you have them from day to day.
Christís Love is not akin to anything in this world you will find
For what He has to offer is for your soul, heart and mind.
The Christian life is on the path that is straight
Sin is the only entity you will come to hate.
When you truly seek Christ, He will show you the way
To be a Christian each and every day.


All Faith must be placed in Our Dear Lord
And realize there is nothing we can do on our own accord.
For without Christ going all the way to the Cross
Every human soul would still be loss.
But God did not leave us here all alone
He sent His Son for us to learn to atone.
Christ is the example we are to set if we are to live
From His Love and mercy we must learn to give.
The Sinless One came here to take sin from us
And return us to Our Fatherís trust.
We are all sinners not worthy of Christ to save
But by His Mercy we are rescued from the grave.
He offers us Life Eternal and a Home up above
And a chance to be restored to Our Fatherís Love.
He paid the price for each and every sin
Except His offer and a new life will begin.
Your Faith will become your crown and glory
It will tell of your redemption story.
When Christ restores your Faith you will see
Everlasting Love has set you free...


When a child is born onto this Earth
A Angel is assigned to this life at birth.
A life long companion this guardian will be
With responsibility to return this soul for God to see.
You perform your duties invisible from our sight
Your an ever present companion both day and night.
We can make your job easier for you to do
By understanding it is Godís love we are passing
When this life is over and done
We must admonish Godís only Son.
And when we become aware of Christís saving Grace
This is when we will come to know you face to face.

173. FAITH IS...

Faith provides the Light to make it known
All the Love Our Father has shown.
Faith goes forth beyond what the eyes can see
To the promises Christ made to you and me.
Faith is available only through Our Dear Lord
With Faith His merciful Love and Understanding become our reward.
Faith is a gift from God up above
An example of His never ending Love.
Faith is a provider to give you what you need
To be able for Our Fatherís Word to heed.
Faith is a tool we must gain
If only Love is to remain.
Faith is a Power to do what is right
To return Godís Love to our sight.
Faith is a Force much more powerful than sin
It gives us means for a new life to begin.
Faith is made available to us
Through a Loving God we can trust.
Faith is an ever increasing thing
One that has the way for Love to bring.
Faith is a gift, a provider, a tool, a Power, a Force and more
It is obtained when we approach and go through Christís Door.


The fleeting inspirations that pass through my head
Are they misplaced, forgotten, or dead?
But when these thoughts are of Love, Beauty, and more
They are much to important to ignore.
But the fleeting things have found no home
If not penned they continue to roam.
They will go to some other soul
Who will value them much better than gold.
The value of what a thought can bring
Will instill joy and cause a heart to sing.
God transforms words into works of art
When they reach down to find an open heart.
Beauty goes past what the eyes can see
It becomes the way we were created to be.
I Praise God for the thoughts that have stopped my way
For these are the words I have penned and are here to stay.


In life there will be both flowers and weeds
They stem forth from planted seeds.
These seeds we plant with our actions and thought
When nurtured they will open or harden a heart.
For we are the field in which these seeds do grow
So be cautious of what kind of seeds you sow.
Seeds of Love and Beauty, hope and care
Are the kind God wants us all to share.
They will grow and flower and produce their same kind
After His own image of Body, Soul, and Mind.
But take care as evil can grow here with you
For with manís fall these seeds came too.
They grow without Light so they are hard to see
You wont recall how they came to be.
But once rooted in they will try to control
They wont stop growing till they own your soul.
Your garden is no longer one of Beauty and delight
With weeds everywhere it is an awful ungodly sight.
Unless rooted out at the very source
They will grow back with the vengeance of an evil force.
If you want the weeds removed from your field
Seek Christís Light and they will have to yield.
Christ will say, ďBe Gone and return no moreĒ
It is only in Christ Light can Beauty we restore.



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