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May we content ourselves in doing Godís will
For He posses vast treasures that only He can fill.
In doing Godís will it will entitle us to
All the riches He has stockpiled in Heaven for you.
By doing thing on our own we may accumulate
Earthly treasures
But in time they will be only short lived pleasures.
For the wealth God offers is of the everlasting kind
Not at all akin to the Earthly oneís we seek to find.
Godís realm is to be realized in Eternity
And the riches of all rewards is for His face to see.


It is a part of Godís teachings, it is a part of His rules
To Love one another and stop acting as fools.
Fools come in many shapes, they have many sizes
They conceal themselves behind innumerable disguises.
Foolish people live life completely separate from
the Lord
As for His commandments they hold no regard.
If the human being could be substantive and live life
on its own
Our Lord and Our God would have left us here all alone.
But that is not the case, thatís not how it could ever be
We must learn to surrender completely to
Godís sovereignty.
If man is given control and assumes full authority
His ego will take over and bring about some catastrophe.
The down fall will come about through anger, pride,
or greed
Whatever, you can be sure Godís Word he did not heed.
Godís rules are given to us for our own protection
and good
He knew we would need guidance to live life as
we should.
If this human race is to survive and propagate
We must eliminate foolish pride and hate.
When we relinquish control and live life in Godís way
We will find we will have no more commandments
to obey.


Godís works are to be accomplished with one soul
at a time
For He has instilled in each of us an interesting
It is a pattern of living, a way to obtain Spiritual growth
It is as solemn as avow, it is sacred as an oath.
When we see that one soul as being you or I
We will understand that we have no more time to let
escape by.
For when God calls that one soul to be a service for
His work
We will have the choice to obey or from Him we
can shirk.
Service to Our Lord begins as an act of free will
We must be willing to do any assignment He sees fit for
us to fill.
The fears that we are inadequate will all slip away
When it is in His will we learn to trust in and obey.
God will teach us all we will need to do
He will set before us a road that is adventurously new.
Faith will propel us forward, it will show us how
to proceed
It will keep us bound in Christ, and He will give us all
we need.
With one soul at a time we will form a vast cartel
One in which the Holy Spirit will enter upon and dwell.


When Godís Love becomes more important than any
problems you posses
You will find your life will turn around that you will
end up bless.
For His Love can oversee any troubles that come
your way
It will lead you back to the path from which you
did stray.
If Love is to be a priority you must put God first
For He is the source that will quench this driving thirst.
When you have satisfied your needs to always be in
Godís care
You will find that your problems have vanished into
thin air.
We are all Godís children and He will know just what
to do
To bring you to the place where He is waiting for you.
And as you encounter God as you walk upon this Earth
His Love will bring about your resurrection to a
new birth.
To be born again means to live a life that is
completely new
It is to experience the Love of God that is abiding
in you.


God is not an option for you to pick and choose
You must absolutely serve Our Lord or totally refuse.
For there is no middle ground from which to
hem and haw
If this is where you are coming from His Love He
will withdraw.
If God is to be given all proper and due respect
Sin is what we must eliminate and vehemently reject.
God and sin cannot occupy the exact same place
For when one is present the other will be erased.
If we choose to live in sin than it is God we must shun
We will be living a life that will not allow His will
to be done.
If you stop and look around you will see this
happening today
And, Oh my God, what a terrible price this is for
us to pay.


We are all to be deemed the Prodigal Son
When we live a life that will not allow Godís will
to be done.
For when we seek after our own fortune and fame
Seldom if ever will we give credit to Godís Holy name.
We will abandon our family and betray a friend
To selfishly seek after our own means to an end.
When our eyes become obsessed by Earthly delights
We will hold no value for wrong or rights.
We will view people as objects to use
Caring not for the person we abuse.
The truth will not matter for the decisions we make
For we will only care for the things we can rob, steal
or take.
And just when you are at the end of all wrong you can do
Godís Love will come crashing down upon you.
He will show you the error of your way
He will show you the price you must pay.
He will give you the choice on how to proceed
He will give you His Love or let you die in your
own greed.
He will leave the decision solely for you to decide
To remain in hell or in His Love you can reside.
If you chose God a banquet He will prepare
One for which all of His children will share.


As in the air we breathe Godís Loving presents is there
Invisibly shrouding us in His life giving care.
If either is removed no human could sustain
For both are requirements for true life to remain.
If we are to live a life that is completely whole
We must provide nourishment for the body, mind,
and soul.
When one is not nurtured in a proper and fitting way
It will become diseased and soon will decay.
Just as the body needs air in order to stay alive
The Soul needs Godís Love if it is to survive.
The mind is the instrument God gave us to think
and choose
We can use it to except His Love or reject It and lose.
Our lord has already provided for our each and
ever need
If only we learn to listen to Him and in His Word
take heed.
We must become dependent upon what Our Lord
has to give
For He alone knows the best way for us all to live.


We are but candles and Christ is the flame
When He sets His Light upon you youíll never
be the same.
You will shine with the Light only truth can project
Sin will be the only thing you will want to reject.
Christís Light will teach you and direct you on your way
To experience the brilliance of a beautiful new day.
Your life will be changed as your thoughts are too
They will display the Love of God that is now inside
of you.
You will be called upon to help others who have not
yet seen
That Christís Light is both universal and intrinsically
And when His candles are amassed and set side by side
No darkness will remain and only His Love will abide.


Love is of God and so are we
We are the physical manifestation of this Love to see.
As children of God we are all beautiful in His sight
He created each of us for His personnel delight.
We are all members of this human race
Existing here out of the goodness of Godís Grace.
The human race descends from a history of being brash
and bold
It leaves very little mention of our immortal soul.
Our Soul is our link to God above
Itís our Spiritual manifestation that connect us to
His Love.
God is of Spirit and so are we
But, atlas, this our sight is unable to see.
To see, to understand, or try to comprehend
Requires the workings of the Holy Spirit as our very
best friend.
For as it is above - so it is below
The Holy Spirit will grant us all we need to know.
Faith and trust will have to supplement our Earthly eyes
Because matters of the Spirit requires absolutely no lies.
It is by Truth our sight will come to acquire
All the Words Christ came here to transpire.
Godís Holy Spirit will show us all we cannot see
When we trust in Him with absolute certainty.
And when our hearts become filled with His never
ending Love
We will come to know Our Father in Heaven up above.


When someone you love leaves this world you are left
so all alone
It is into deep despair and depression you are thrown.
Nothing seems to end the hurt or ease the pain
It would seem that in this sadden state you are to remain.
But think of who has passed away and what they mean
to you
The love you share will never die for it was meant
for two.
Christ said, ďWhen two or more are gatheredĒ, I will
be there
You now must leave your love one entirely to His care.
Love is required for safe passage to reach the other side
Your love one is now thanking you for providing a
smooth ride.
Faith and trust will now increase and be a help to you
They will give you strength to carry on they will see
you through
Your love one is now gathered to all who have
gone before
And it is the strength of all this Love that opens
Heavenís Door.

with permission by MARTHA ďMARTYĒ HICKMAN


What God wants from us is what He is
Love given and Love received the same as His
To obtain this kind of Love is no impossible task
We need simply to remove everyone of our Earthly mask
For when we think we are better than this or that soul
It means we are hiding behind a carnal blindfold.
Deep down we are all Godís human beings
Our heart and soul the only possession worthy of seeing.
It is God alone who posses Love that will never cease
It is in His Love that we find our Eternal Peace.
Our Lord and God could never be compared to anyone
For no created creature could do what He has done.
He has given us the opportunity to serve Him as King
To Love and Honor Him above every living thing.
To give or get the Love I speak of now
You must ask God for help then He will show you how.


There is only one way to thank God for all He is giving
And that is to praise his Holy Name everyday we
are living.
The way to thank God for what He has given to you
Is to give Glory to Him in everything that you do.
This may sound to you simple or it may sound hard
But thanks is the only thing we have to offer The Lord.
God is our Creator and He made all things for us
There are no things we can offer Him but our
love and trust.
As our Creator He must rule as a Sovereign King
And in this way we are to honor Him above everything.



When Christ resurrected this world nearly two thousand
years ago
He left behind twelve men who were to teach our
Spirits to grow.
A nearly impossible task was placed into their hands
To teach the people of Earth to live according to
Christís plan.
They would face fear, hate, and disbelief as they went
along the way
And all they had for strength was the way Christ taught
them to pray.
Faith in Christ has more power than any Earthly force
For It gains Its strength from God who is Its
Eternal source.
At Christís death the twelve were visible shaken
Until the Holy Spirit descended and their faith
was awaken.
The same holds true today as it did so long ago
Without the Holy Spirit we can have no faith to grow.
So if it is your faith that is in need of strengthening
Seek out the aid of the Holy Spirit and He will empower
you now.
He will lift you high above the troubles of this
Earthly plain
And it is there with Christ your Spirit will remain.


When Christ died His estate was left behind for us
all to share
It is the One thing that will unite us back to His care.
He left behind twelve men to sell us on His plan
It is their job to insure the life of mortal man.
What He has to give is to be divided amongst us all.
It is our insurance that will redeem manís Original fall.
To partake of this ďTrustĒ there is only one way to apply
And that is to accept Christ as your Savior to the day
you die.
We assure Christ that our premiums we do pay
When it is the Our Father we do pray.
When it becomes time to cash in and receive our reward
We will find ourselves in Heaven, face to face with
Our Lord.


When you receive any of Godís gifts you must give
them away
This will insure that you get to keep them from
day to day.
If you try to posses then in any other manner they will
be gone
Given to some other soul that knows how to pass
them on.
Godís gifts are meant to be shared by everyone
This is the way His will is to be done.
God doesnít take away any gifts He has given to you
Though you can lose them from not knowing what to do.
Our God is all patient and forever giving
He teaches us throughout this life we are living.
So if it is more of Godís gifts you would like to see
Everyday participate fully in His generosity.


God is everywhere this I say is true
But to make Him real is left up to you.
He must first appear into your conscious thought
And from there He will sink into your heart.
Our Lord will not manifest as anything you can
Henceforth, He is the Creator of man.
If this is the starting point from which you try to know
God will allow your consciousness of Him to grow.
God is Love, and Love is a matter of the heart
With this realization you are ready to start.
If you donít give credit where credit is due
Your entire life will be one that is untrue.
God is not invisible, it is you who cannot see
That He is present from here to Eternity.


If you would like to bless the people you love in a
special way
Here is a prayer that has only a few words to say.
ď May God Bless The People I Love With His Love Ē
This will entitle bearer to His goodness and grace
from above.
A simple prayer that unfolds tremendous power
Yet it can be said many times inside of an hour.
But once a day and it will work just as well
To provide protection from the demons of hell.
God will bless you too who unselfishly request
That all of your own loved ones He bless.
This is the type of Love our Dear Lord does display
Love that is unselfishly and carefully given away.
Any other love that is not of this source
Will be misdirected and end up of course.
But by giving the Love that God has to give
You will be protecting your love ones as long
as they live.


By placing yourself first in this world, in Godís world
youíll end up last
It will be only Earthly treasures you will be able
to amass.
Here in Time they may serve you for as long as you live
But outside of Time they posses no value to give.
Death transform Time into Eternity
And this is where Godís face we will come to see.
If with your Time; God, you did not allot
In His Time, He will say, ď I KNOW YOU NOT Ē.
The travesty of this we can not yet tell
For while on this Earth we cannot experience hell.
In selfish acts there can be no Eternal reward
They serve in placing enmity between you and The Lord.
And this is where Hell is, a distant and far away place
One in which you will never never see Godís face.


What an ugly beast is this thing called greed
It has an insatiable appetite it demand you feed.
It is never satisfied with anything it does get
It only knows how to cause misery and regret.
More and more it requires for its appetite to fill
Caring not for whoís blood it does spill.
Unholy and unforgiving characterize this brute
Evil and no good are at its root.
If you have no vision of Christ to behold
It can corrupt and control your very soul.
It is so unlike our Lord in every way
It has no Master to Serve and Obey.
When we seek self glorification and nothing more
We will be turning away many people who approach
our door.
We should be open for what our brother may need
When we care for others it is our own Soul we feed.
Nurturing and Substance is what Christ has to give
He came here to show us all how to live.
We all need His help if we are to get along
For it is the Heaven He created is where we belong.


These are the elements of what Love must be.
For when Love is not wholesome and complete
It is one or more of these elements we did cheat.
We may posses certain aspects from the list above
But only Christ can manifest then all in His Love.
We are here to fill our hearts desires
Yet we get caught up in the things our mind transpires.
When we donít put Christ first in our lives
Greed, vanity, and general discontent thrives.
We will never be satisfied in anything we do
Because Godís Love will not be able to
penetrate through.
Christís Love is the only perfect Love that could be
He laid down His life for all of mankind to see.
If Christ is to be the example we set as we go about
our way
It is Our Fatherís will we must learn to obey.
For Love is more than the sum total of all its parts
Love is the effect caused to manifest in our Hearts.


The search for God is to be a life long quest
Accomplished by diligent effort and wrest.
We are all born as man or woman of this human race
Existing on a planet traveling through space.
The pulling and tugging on us by this Earth
Has exerted its pressures on us from birth.
The products of this world will not allow God to be seen
For the fruits of this labor will remain unclean.
To escape the pressure of daily living
It is to Christ your life you must be giving.
He alone knows what you were created to do
He alone gave up His life for you.
He did not give up His life for you to remain loss
He carried your burdens all the way to the Cross.
He resurrected this Earth to prepare our way
To be expected by Our Father when we pray.
God created us to seek out His Love
You must look for Him in Heaven up above.
When we lift our eyes far beyond this Earth
We will be preparing our way for our Heavenly birth.


When evening shades approach and you feel out of sorts
Go back and examine the message within your heart.
For if somewhere down the road you and God parted
You must venture back there if true Love is to
be restarted.
It is with truth you must retrace your step
Anything else will prove to be inept.
You will find sin at the source of this rift
Godís forgiveness will be the only cause for your heart
to uplift.
You must humbly admit to God you are wrong
For it is in His unity we humans belong.
Godís Love has the strength and power to set us free
Free from ourselves to live as He created us to be.
God knows the reason we each were created
And that is for His heart and ours to be mated.
When we unite with God right here from Earth
It will usher us onto our new and everlasting birth.
And then when we unite with God in Heaven up above
We can never be separated from His Eternal Love.


Godís ability to forgive is greater than manís ability
to sin
For God knows without forgiveness no Love can begin.
When it is from Godís love we do drift
Sin will always be the cause of this rift.
Sin will place on man external control
It will reek havoc on his very soul.
Sin has the devil at its source
It is his work to keep you misguided and off course.
The devil has only one desire in his mind
And that is to make you one of his kind.
To give him power and feed his need
You must part from God if he is to succeed.
Godís ability to forgive is greater than the devils ability
to hate
Hate will not allow you of Godís Love to partake.
For where hate is forgiveness cannot be found
And without forgiveness the devils works abound.
Hate is rendered useless and can gain no further control
When Godís Love penetrates and occupies a human soul.
The only thing that stops Godís Love from
coming within
Is if we choose to live without Him and remain in sin.
With sin you pay the devil his due
With forgiveness you receive the Love God has for you.
As always a choice is yours alone to decide
And the outcome of Heaven or hell is where you
will reside.


It is far easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away
Then for a single Word of God that He would betray.
Jesus, Our Lord, never speaks Words in vain as we do
Every Word He has presented to us in Time will
come true.
The importance of trusting in God can never be
Eternity beckons that our heart and His one day
be mated.
To form a bond that will endure into Eternity
United with God is where we must be.
Godís Words posses power well beyond our control
It is directed to communicate to our very soul.
This life we are living is a temporal thing
Its climax will present us before Our King.
Before we can see God eye to eye
The fallen man must surly die.
When this mortal existence comes to an end
In Christís name we will be born again.
All we need is a humble heart to God to bring
And He will present us with Love Everlasting.
For it is a humble heart Our Savior will bless
Unite it to His own to experience His tenderness.
This will be the proper and fitting end to mortal man
For this is the culmination of Godís Plan...


The poetís eyes have become imbued
Able to view life with a new attitude.
For my awareness has become imbibed
Able to see the things Christ has transcribed.
My life is not merely a game to play
It is a time to Love, to learn, to pray.
For whence I have learned to do all three
I will be prepared for Godís face to see.
In writing these words what I try to share
Is that my whole life has become one prayer.
The prayer that I now have for you
Is that one day you will experience this too.




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