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From whence we come there is no night
We will return again to see the Light.
Upon arriving it must be stated:
How much we loved; How much we hated.
The love itself is its own reward
To explain the hate that will be hard.
For God all gentle, loving, and kind
He did not put that hate into manís mind.
Free will give us a chance to choose
Away to win; A way to lose.
Select the right one and you will see
Godís glory and grace for all Eternity...


To know what beauty God has in store
We must only elect to open the door.
For God is all patient and giving
He leaves it up to us the life we will be living.
With material wants and spiritual needs
The choice is ours on how to proceed.
To pick money, power, or gold
Will leave you with an unfulfilled soul.
The way to find happiness is through unselfish Love
The kind that comes from up above.
To understand what God has given us
We must provide Him with all our trust.
For within His hand He holds the key
From which to find happiness throughout Eternity.


To have a full and rewarding life
We must put aside all of our strife.
We must release all lifeís discord
And in our hearts experience the Lord.
For here is where we learn to say
The things we should daily pray.
God is lifeís ultimate reward
The thing we should always aim towards.
If lifeís battle is to be won
We must pray these words, ďThy will be doneĒ.


Beauty is a gift from thee
It is everywhere for the world to see.
It started with the gift of Love
From the Almighty up above.
On a cloud covered sky mixed in with blue
His Love comes forth ever so true.
On mountain tops all covered in snow
His Love is there for us to know.
And in the valleys and on the plains
His unselfish love always remains.
And in the seas and the oceans too
His Love is waiting there for you.
For whatever way you set your gaze
The whole world will be singing His praise.
For God is the Beauty that we see
This gift He gave to you and me...


Life may be good, it may be bad
To think the latter it will be sad.
For life you see
Is Godís gift to you and me.
It is a chance to learn and grow
And find out what God wants us to know.
A place where we can do our living
A way to open up our hearts to giving.
We each must have to do our part
To unlock the love that is in our heart.
For it is in our heart is where
We will find God waiting there.
He will direct and guide us through
All of lifeís changing avenues.
Upon a path thatís free from harm
Back to the safety of His loving arms.


God I need your help today
Please hear me when I kneel to pray.
Forgive any wrongful deeds I have done
I Ďm not worthy to be called Your son.
I need Your goodness and Your grace
To allow a smile to return to my face.
My comfort in this life comes from up above
Knowing that You are deserving of all my love.
So in Your heart I seek
The way to make me meek.
I hold my hands together in prayer
With the comfort of knowing You are there.


When life becomes hard and unkind
Nowhere can you find peace of mind.
To seek to find the answers with your eyes
Will produce illusions and disguise.
For what you need may be
Not in what the eyes may see.
For the help you seek is often found
Without moving the lips to make a sound.
You will find the place to start
Is from deep within your heart.
God hear me when I pray
I need your help today.


God hear us when we call
It is so easy for us to fall.
We know the way to You is Love
Though it is not easy to rise above.
Life presents us with friends and foes
Down the path we find happiness and woes.
In our friends it is easy to see
How much Love You have for me.
But in the ones who are often unkind
It seems so hard to bring You to mind.
In Your all Loving and forgiving heart
I pray that I may do my part.
To understand what I must do
I must become as Loving and forgiving as You.


The Love of God It heals the heart
It gives you a fresh new place to start.
It cleanses the body, It renews the mind
It provides you with thoughts not easy to find.
For itís in our thought we create our tomorrows
Complete with happiness, joys, and sorrows.
Tomorrow is someplace far away
Now is the time to plan for today.
For today is the place to start
To find the Love of God in your heart.


God is the Potter who works with clay
He formed each vessel in a special way.
His Love of design is a work of art
He reveals to us what is in His heart.
Different and unique we each are made
It matters to Him not color, form, or shade.
Made in His image is important to know
For it shows us the direction to grow.
Grow in faith, hope, and trust
For God knows what is best for us.
He knows His work, He knows it well
Because in each of us a Part of Him dwells.


My Lord, my Lord I look for You near and far
At times I donít know where You are.
I often feel so insecure
My heart broken in need of a cure.
The feeling of being empty inside
Leaves you with no place to hide.
Just to find someone to care
Would make all troubles so easy to bare.
You canít look to a church with its steeple
You must look inside to see the hearts of her people.
For that is where you can find
A certain love of a particular kind.
It is the Love of God for us to share
To tell His people that He will always care.


Our home is not here in Earth
It is not until we die do we find our true birth.
Life is a struggle from cradle to grave
But with Godís help it is easy to be brave.
When we try to do things on our own
We get caught up in the fears of the unknown.
Though with God this is not true
For He is there in everything we do.
God is our hope, we are in His care
We must learn this, we must learn to share.
The road is troublesome that we tread
But comfort is found when we learn to sleep
in Godís bed.


Inside each of us there is a special need
That will flourish and grow like a planted seed.
Our special need is for Love and trust
The kind that God has provided for us.
To awaken the seed, to make it grow
There are only a few things you should know.
God, the Father will always be there
His Love is the kind that will answer each prayer.
Prayer is the seed we plant with trust
To have faith in its growing is a must.
For faith is the ingredient that will make that seed sprout
Trusting in God from the inside out...


Blessed are the pure in heart
They have turned lifeís work into art.
For they see God in everything they do
The kind of living that makes dreams come true.
To realize God is there wherever you go
Is one of lifeís lessons that is important to know.
Godís awareness is of a special kind
Some people would say it is impossible to find.
But with faith, hope, and prayer
God canít help but to be there.
Faith is not just a way of living
It comes from a heart accustomed to giving.
For in giving is how we can learn
The gifts God has for us we could never earn.
For God harbors no hate of any kind
He has nothing but Love for all of mankind.


God if there is something You wish me to say
Give me those words in Your special way.
I will try to be quiet, try to be still
Enter my heart with the words You need to fill.
Your Love is something we should adore
You tell us to knock You will open the door.
But to knock some say I donít know how
Itís done with Love, friendship, a smile.
Easy it sounds, yet it must be so
That door will open for us all to know
A God whose Love is ever so fair
It is open to all His people everywhere.


Adam the first did not obey
And Christ knew the price He would have to pay.
Though not even yet of this Earth
He was doomed to die even before His birth.
Adam knew what he had did
That is why he ran, he hid.
Not only did Adam commit sin
He ruined a Heavenly place for all his kin.
He created fear, he destroyed trust
He made this place hell for all of us.
His perfect nature he did spoil
Now in the Earth we all must toil.
Angry is something we could be
But that would blind us, we would not see
That Christís death was of a special kind
It was the one thing that could free all of mankind.


To see God is a work of art
It can only be achieved with a pure heart.
Though the opportunity is offered to all
Few if any will answer His call.
To obtain this particular kind of sight
You need only to choose what is right.
Free will is our method to see
All the Love God has for you and me.
God asks so little of us
We must provide Him with all our trust.
For in trusting God with our heart and soul
It frees the Spirit of a heart that has turned cold.


In a world that is easy to stray
How can we ever find our way.
The road is troublesome that we tread
No place to rest a weary head.
Peace is something we all need
Yet to obtain it, few ever will succeed.
The law states what you must do
To make this peace a part of you.
To understand the Divine Plan
There must be a union between God and man.
A marriage of sorts; hearts to heart
Trust and Love that will never part.
When God and man can live as One
Then Christ can say His work is done.
For Christ told us He is the way
So follow Him and never stray.


Christ my soul is for your command
Ask and I will fulfill whatever You demand.
My limits I need not tell You so
For You know me better than even I do know.
Your reason for making me such as You did
Remains a mystery from which my awareness is hid.
My human nature is bound to part
From that which lies deep in my heart.
For between my body and my soul
Lies a fortune not measured in gold.
My fortune, my measure of fame
Is what I have to give, all in Your name.
Whatever it is I try to do
Can never be compared to You.
You gave us everything, You gave us Your all
By responding to our Heavenly Fatherís call.
In doing this You have showed the way
To a brighter way to live each day.
To be victorious, to have the battle won
We need to pray these words,


Death is not the end, it is so much more
It is the price we pay to open Eternities door.
Some may say it is a high price to pay
But we pay that price day by day.
In striving to live each day as One
We learn the work that is to be done.
Eternity is a part of us all
We each must answer our Fatherís call.
For in each life there is a central plan
Derived from God, not from man.
And in his way He will lead us to
All of lifeís changes we must go through.
He will lead us not to the sea or the shore
But back to the safety of Eternities door.
The door will open when the time is right
No need to fuss, no need to fight.
For God will ask us one and all
How well did we answer to His call.


Jesus, You taught us how to pray
ďOUR FATHERĒ are the words we are to say.
To know ďOUR FATHERĒ is all we have to do
To have our prayers answered, this is true.
For to realize God as Father
Means we have become His son or daughter.
God is not some place far away
He is as near as the place we kneel to pray.
A God who has provided such Love for us
Is surely deserving of all our trust.
Jesus had this trust in you
His words were always straight and true.
ABBA is how He called Your name
Please allow us to do the same...


Christ came here to Earth
To prepare us for our next birth.
When we meet Christ on the other side
Theyíll be no place to run or hide.
Truth is the only words we can say
When it is our judgment day.
What Christ will ask us, what He will want to know
Is how did we prepare our Spiritual selves to grow.
We grow in faith, we grow in trust
The kind he has already provided for us.
He showed us how, He showed us the way
So follow Him and never stray.


Once we are born, at the moment of birth
We begin our attachment to this Earth.
All our needs are provided for us
We are comforted by our parents trust.
Our first step is an important one
It sets the stage for all others to come.
In learning from experience as we grow
We find out lifeís lessons we are to know.
When we reach maturity as women or man
We realize we are a part of a Divine Plan.
God will teach us, He will show us how
To learn the new things we must learn now.
Once again our needs are provided for us
But this time we must give God all our trust.
In trusting in God with our heart and soul
This sets the stag for us to grow old.
In growing old we need not fear
For it will be Godís voice we hear
Calling his children, calling us back
There will be nothing we need, nothing will we lack.
At the moment of death, when we die
We enter our mansion in the sky.
For this we also have nothing to do
Because Our Father has provided this for us too...


Miracles are something God sends to us
When He is seeking to win over our trust.
For miracles are things we cannot explain
They are sent to us for our thoughts to entertain.
In thinking about what has just happen
It creates the space for our minds to open.
In opening up our minds to see
We allow the opportunity for God to be.
For when there is no Earthly reason why
We must seek the answer from beyond the sky.
When our thoughts do Heavenly go
It provides us the opportunity to grow.
To grow in good and Godly thoughts
Will open and warm the coldest of hearts.
Each miracles is a part of Godís plan
To release the stubbornness inside of man.
For when we open up our hearts to see
We give God the opportunity to be...


Thank you God for the gifts you have given me
For many years I was blind I could not see.
Not thinking of myself as charming or smart
I overlooked the beauty that lies in my heart.
When I realize just what I have got
It makes no never mind to what I have not.
Now that I have learned to look through Your eyes
There is no room for illusions or disguise.
For in my heart is where I find
Your special gifts, the ones that are mine.
To keep these gifts, Iíve found a way how
I must give them away to whomever I see now.
In learning to give away what You have given me
Insures Iíll keep them throughout Eternity...



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