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Less than perfect was in His plan
For that is how He created man.
A flaw in design was never made
We would know this better if Adam obeyed.
Perfect is everything that Our Lord does do
But this does not explain the flaw in me and you.
Perfectly the angels were made to see His face
To be living examples of His unlimited Grace.
For Love to be perfect it must be free
A choice must be given to you and me.
The angels superior in intelligence had but a moment to decide
In whoís love they would forever abide.
In that moment Good and evil did appear
And that is also the source of all our fear.
A life time is given for us to choose
With Good we win; with evil we lose.
God is patient in the Love He is giving
We can make this choice the whole time we are living.
Our intelligence is still flawed if you donít see
That God is the only choice for you and me.
Our intelligence was not made to rule over the heart
For you see it was flawed from the very start.
Choose Love and God you will see
From this moment on throughout Eternity.


Love doesnít stop when we are apart
For Love is found forever in the heart.
Love gives the heart purpose with ever beat
For without a purpose it would be Love that we cheat.
Love must be shared and passed around
It is to fill ever void without making a sound.
Love may be silent but It is a Force
One that drives us to Its very Source.
For God is searching for every living soul
To be filled with Love to the maximum it can hold.
When you search you will find this to be true
That God has always been looking for you.


If you are reading this now itís because you are part of a Bouquet
One God so lovingly and thoughtfully sent my way.
You possess more Beauty than flowers can hold
For you have the Beauty of God in your soul.
Bountiful Beauty without any measure
That is why you are my heart felt treasure.
My God does Love me this I do know
For He has placed you in my life for Love to grow.
God arranged you in His own Hand, Time, and Special Way
To be part of my life and the reason I do pray.
I am so Thankful for these Flowers God has given to me
For your Grace and your Beauty will endure into Eternity.


Godís commandments are not for us to pick and choose
As they are our blessed guidance for our hearts to infuse.
God knew we would need His help from above
His commandments are the directions to receive His Love.
Each has a purpose, a goal, and a plan
As they stem forth from the Creator of man.
Before we were born He knew the temptations we would face
That is why He set His commandments in their place.
His commandments are not for our eyes to see
But for our souls to learn how to be.
For our eyes can be fooled by what is brought to their sight
Until we learn that Christ is the Truth, the Way and the Light.
Christ came to fulfill the Laws Our Father has sent
To teach our hearts and souls to repent.
When it is Our Fatherís will we chose to obey
Christ is here to show us the way.
The way to the Father is through the Son
This is found when His will is done...


The Lost ones are Godís infants waiting to be born anew
They roam this Earth not knowing what they do.
Fortunes and excitement lead their way to fame
In sinful acts they show no shame.
The price to pay will show up in Time
For their internal clock one day will chime.
They will often tally just what they have got
Then God will say, ď I know You NotĒ.
For riches without God is a hollow thing
With no capacity for joy to bring.
Life you see is more than accumulating riches and gold
Life is what God gives you to fill a soul.
Free Will allows you to choose whatever you desire
But remember Earthly things will get burned up in the Fire.
So for you to wisely gather as you go about your way
It is for the Mercy of God you should learn to pray.
He will tell you to choose Things that are of Me
For they are the only ones what will endure into Eternity.
When you choose God you will be lost no more
It will be His precious Name you wish to adore.
To grow from infancy into a Child of God
Is the soul reason on this Earth we trod.


Godís seed of Love is planted in your heart
It awaits your call for Itís fruition to start.
Before sin the heart held fertile ground
For this is where Godís Love is found.
But sin has caused this ground to become harsh and cold
Itís reflection is seen in your very soul.
This vessel can be restored and brought back anew
When true repentance is offered by you.
God knows our hearts, yes He knows them well
For this is where He has chosen in us to dwell.
To prepare the soil for the seed to grow
It is Christ Jesus you are must come to know.
For He is the Master Gardner who knows the way
That will bring Salvation to your very soul today.
You must open your heart and let Him in
And then His master plan can begin.
Love is the ingredient that will make this seed sprout
For Love begets Love, on this there is no doubt.
If you wish to reap the benefits of your heartís reward
Just loudly call out, ď The Name of the Lord Ē.


The turmoil of flesh will come to an end
When you find Christ Jesus as your friend.
He will give you grace to except His Peace
From this world He will teach you to release.
In His Peace you will find His Love
The connection restored to God above.
Christ came here not to condemn but to restore
To bridge the gap between God and man forevermore.
He will Beautify the afflicted ones with His salvation
He will give you great cause for celebration.
The lame will walk, the blind shall see
Miracles will abound abundantly.
For when the Spirit is not earthly bound
Christís miraculous works can be found.
Our Spiritís were created to be free
The Cross gives us this guarantee.
We need only offer Christ our hearts devoid of pride
Then humbly invite Him to live inside.
The world that once rendered you a slave
Was destroyed when Christ resurrected the grave.
He freed all captives so they can Love
And be returned to God Almighty up above.


Sin creates a damn in Loveís ebb and flow
It blocks us from knowing what God wants us to know.
It stands boldly before Our Dear Lord
Robbing us of His ever Loving reward.
Sin will prevent us from coming to His Light
Sin will never allow us to do what is Right.
Sin is a weapon the devil does know how to use
For we are Godís children that he wishes to abuse.
But God has given us armament to foil his attack
He sent His One and only Son to bring His children back.
Christ only ask that we turn to Him and release our sin
Then His promise to us of a new life can begin.
Christ came here to remove All obstacles that dam us to hell
He is the Good News we are to proclaim and to tell...


When life presents you with problems that are really hard
You should learn humility and give them to the Lord.
Our Lord is omniscient this is true
He knows every minute detail about you.
So if it is from God you do try to hide
Humble your heart, surrender your pride.
God knows every compartment of your very soul
He created it for one day His eyes to behold.
Without humility we do things our own way
We get caught up in the affairs of merely today.
Our Lord does see each step we take from birth to the grave
With His help from much trouble we will be saved.
He knows many short cuts that will take us from harms way
They are easy to find when you kneel to Him to pray.
Offer to God the problems from down deep in your heart
He will take them as His own and give you a fresh new start.
From this time on you can learn of God to depend
For He has been waiting to show you He is your Friend.


When we donít know how or what to pray
The Holy Spirit will intercede with the words to say.
Remember, when Christ resurrected this world so long ago
He said His Comforter will come for us to know.
The Holy Spirit is with us here each and every day
As He is the One who will teach you what to pray.
Have Faith in Him just as you do the Lord
Then God will become your ultimate reward.
God knew we would need help down here on Earth
If we were ever to experience a New Birth.
Godís Holy Spirit is not subject to place and time
He even provides me with these words that rhyme.
I know He will do much more for you
If you seek His help from a heart that is true.
Christ is the message the Holy Spirit will speak
He will tell you it is Christís Love you are to seek.
When you find Christ you will know just what to say
Thank you Holy Spirit for showing me the way.
The words for prayer become perfectly clear
Praise God and Thanks for drawing me near.
Now it is from inside of Christís will you do pray
And the Holy Spirit is here to tell you what to say.


There is only one way to Love yourself as you deserve
And that is when it is Christ Jesus you come to serve.
For Christ is the example of how life is to be
He laid down His life for the whole world to see.
If you live a life different from the one He has set
It will be other than His Love you will get.
God knew we would need help as we walked this Earth
Because we entered here through an unclean birth.
Christ alone holds the power to wash us clean
So that by Our Father we can be seen.
To serve as Christ did should become our goal
This will manifest His Love and Beauty in our soul.
Seek His help and our Love will increase
We will begin to experience His offer of ďPeaceĒ.
When His Peace does enter into your heart
There before you a whole new world will start.
Born again into the life God did create for you
Able to live and Love your whole life through.
Then at lifeís end you will receive your reward
To see the face of our Loving and merciful Lord.


When this world weights you down in every direction
You must escape by seeking Christís perfection.
For this earth is ruled by the prince of lies
he will lead you to believe Our Lord does not hear your cries.
You need not shout for Our Lord is always near
It is with the softest whisper Our Lord will hear.
For He listens to hear your every word
And your call to Him is already heard.
Speak His Name He will know just what to do
For He has already had a plan on how to rescue you.
He will present you with the Truth so you can know
How much both He and Father do Love you so.
He will show you the path He walked to bring you back
No sufferings, humiliations, pains or heart aches did He lack.
He willfully went to the cross to pay for your sin
So that with Our Father a new life could begin.
He offers you Perfect Love to set you free
From the evil brought into this world to be.
Except His offer and leave your burdens at His cross
And then no more will you be counted with the loss.


This is something you should think and try to comprehend
That Our Holy Father knows your life from beginning to end.
God is All Knowing and All Wise
He could never fall captive to anyoneís lies.
If you live a life that is deceitful to the end
It is to the pit with the devil He will send.
But before the end draws near there is Time to repent
And abide in the Word that is Heaven sent.
Christ is the fulfillment of the Word God spoke to us
It is to Him we are to surrender and give all our trust.
Christ is the Beginning and He is the End
He has the final Word on where Eternity we spend.
He is preparing a mansion for those who do His will
And this is but one of the Promises He will Lovingly fulfill.


I am the Good Shepherd come follow Me
And I will give you Love throughout Eternity.
Come with Me and learn of how your heart will sing
As I lead you back to Life's Eternal spring.
From there you will emerge refreshed and anew
To live the life I have prepared for you.
Forgiveness is at the very Heart of my Love
For it will connect you back to Our Father's Love.
God sent Me here to return the lost
To bring them back to the foot of the cross.
This is the place where Eternity will start
When you find My Love in your heart.
My sacrifice ensures you safe passage Home
No more of this God forsaken Earth to roam.
I am preparing a Place where you and I can stay
I'll be there each and every time you do pray.
Your Love and Prayers do hold the Key
To open the Door to your Mansion in Eternity.


Once I was lost but now I am found
My life is heading in a complete rebound.
There was a time when I had given up all Hope
Fear and alone was all I had with me to cope.
Not a pretty sight before you to see
My life was immersed in complete misery.
But God saw my hurting and He knew of my pain
He said this is no way for My child to remain.
A friend or an angel must come to the rescue
For they will know exactly what to do.
They will minister to this poor soul what I give then to give
Through the Power of Me they will learn how to live.
And that is what happen such a long time ago
A Godly Creature presented to me what I needed to know.
The Truth was given to me in a way even I could see
The way a Loving Father created me to be.
For you see inside that lonely creature lives a Loving soul
And it only needed the Truth for this to Behold.
You see I am Reborn to live my life anew
For I am free to chose exactly what I want to do.
I want to thank God for what He has given to me
So I will Praise His Name Now and throughout Eternity...


When you seek inspiration it cannot be coerced by force
It must be allowed to flow unto you from its Divine source.
Be with a simple prayer or a kindly act
With this inspiration you will attract.
What you do with it will determine how far it will go
To find a hurting heart from within it can grow.
Inspiration is nutrient for a hurting and hungry soul
It has but to help, restore, or sanctify as its internal goal.
So when inspiration come to you Please remember it is a Gift
Sent to you to give away to someoneís soul to uplift.


To keep focused on what is important
It is from prayer you must not relent.
For this world will produce wars, evil and lies
All these things are presented before your eyes.
Good and evil is what is presented to you
For through sin you now have this to view.
This was not a part of Godís original plan
For He knew how detrimental evil would be for man.
Original sin is what has brought about the world that you see
For this is where Good and evil is presented to you and me.
Adamís sin caused our Paradise to be loss
But Christ returned it by His death on the cross.
To live in this world and live as you should
You must decide between evil and Good.
On your own you can expect no help from above
But through prayer you are united to Our Fatherís Love.
United we can stand to put an end to evilís deed
And bring our lives back to Our Fatherís Creed.
When you see what the power of Prayer can do
Always keep this as your primary point of view.


When it is Godís Love you allow into your heart
He will show you how a bright new world will start.
He will take your hurt your sin your pain
And it is there with Him it will remain.
His Love is something we are to learn anew
He will direct us on exactly what to do.
His Life giving Blood will wash you clean
Trust in Him you will see what I mean.
He will take you from this forsaken earth
And return you to your Heavenly Birth.
He will give you new eyes so you will see
His Love will be with you throughout eternity.
He will give you new ears so you will hear
His Loving words that will draw and hold you near.
He will give you new words so you can say
I praise Your Holy Name Father each and every day.
He will give you a new Heart from which you will Love
All the Blessings He sends you from above.
And All this Love was allowed to start
By just letting Godís Love into your Heart.


In each life adjustments must be made
If Honor and Glory to Our Father is to be paid.
No soul is free that walks this land
As sin has entered into the life of man.
Sin hides behind every lie
Its only hope is for you to die.
For the devil is the source of every sin
He wants to make you one of his kin.
If you try not to break from his chains that bind
It will be easy for him to make you one of his kind.
The change that is required to be set free
Is the Truth you must come to see.
Seek the Truth and you will find
That Christ has entered your mind.
Follow the truth and It will take you to His Heart
And from here a new life will start.
The Truth is you are powerless to change
Until with Christ your thoughts you rearrange.
Place Christ first and you will see
That evilís only choice is to flee.
With this adjustment you have made
You will see your sin debt has been marked Paid.


The heart must teach the eyes to see
The never ending Beauty of Eternity.
For God has made the heart for Love
To receive His Graceís from above.
When Love is found inside of your heart
A bountiful world is about to start.
Love will teach you to see things in a new way
It will bring you to All of Godís Laws to obey.
For when you offer your heart to God for a while
He will instill into you to Love as a Child.
This lesson is learned when Wisdom is sort
For this is what fills Godís Love into your heart.
It is in Godís Laws we are taught to Seek
And find that which makes us meek.
Christís life is the perfect example to see
The never ending Beauty of Eternity...


God will Love no one more than you
This is a seed you can plant in your heart as being true.
Once this thought is embedded into your mind
His Love in your heart you will find.
For it is in your heart where this seed will grow
When it is God you come to know.
God is Love and Love is All there is
He created everyone of us to be called His.
And God will call to you, yes He will call to everyone
To give you the opportunity to be united to His Son.
Christ is the Way to God you must go
If you want His Love in your heart to grow.
This Love is of the everlasting kind
It will connect you back to the True Vine.
For we are the branches of that Almighty Tree
The One that was planted at Calvary.


Love is sufficient to weather any of lifeís storms
Love is sufficient to provide protection from what harms.
Love is sufficient to maintain Hope inside of you
Love is sufficient to make all your dreams come true.
Love is sufficient to give you all the patience you need
Love is sufficient to strengthen your heart with every deed.
Love is sufficient to guarantee you a fresh new start.
Love is sufficient to free the captive heart
Love is sufficient to restore the ill to good health
Love is sufficient to multiply your Spirits wealth.
Love is sufficient to conquer even the grave
Love is sufficient to bring salvation for your soul to save.
Love is sufficient to allow you to wait on the Lord
Love is sufficient to help you seek out His reward.
Love is sufficient to open any closed door
Love is sufficient to do this and more.
Love is sufficient because GOD IS LOVE
And He will supply ALL this from above...


Sin shall not be master over you
For you have a choice on what to do.
Though members of this human race
Through Christ we now live under Grace.
Grace is offered freely to every living soul
Who will extend their hand for Christ to hold.
We no longer are captive to human law
For Christ came here to change the things He saw.
He came to free the captive slave
And show them life beyond the grave.
Eternal Life becomes our reward
When we except Jesus Christ as Lord.
Evil, death and sin will lose their sting
When to Christ yourself you bring.
Christ left His mark upon this Earth
His Cross is our invitation to a New Birth.
Except what Christ is offering to you
Then you will know that Love is True.


Love must endure if friendship cannot
For Love is something never forgot.
Love will stay till the hurting is past
It will endure every insurmountable task.
Friendship is not the tool designed to do what Love must do
For there is only so much strength in what friends can give you.
Friends may grow quiet and leave you cold
But Love is always alive in your very soul.
To return the lost is a might endeavor
One that will go on forever and ever.
Though friendship is a might thing to behold
It is Love that will return you to the fold.
Safe from all the evil that harms
Back into your Saviorís waiting arms.
There is one thing Love can not do
And that is to stop caring for you.


When the heart speaks it is in a language all will understand
For Love is the Creator of the heart inside of man.
God created a place inside of each heart for Himself to reside
And when we open this Door we will find we are at His side.
He is here all along but some cannot see
For sin blocks the Beauty of allowing this to be.
If the Door inside your heart you find to be blocked
Seek Christís Love and this Door He will unlock.
Once the Door is opened from within
A most beautiful new life will begin.
All the Love that was waiting for you on the other side
Will become the Love you now can provide.
God is Love and He awaits to hear you knock
So that Loveís Door He will be able to unlock.



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